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We Always Need Volunteers

There are a number of different ways SEA could use your assistance. Here are a few:

  • Become an alumni interviewer for prospective students in your area, or assist with SEA presentations at your college campus or one near you. For more information, contact the SEA Alumni Relations Coordinator at (800) 552-3633 ext. 512 or
  • Earn extra sea time by working as a deck hand, or lend your skills to work during yard periods for the ships. For more information, contact the SEA Marine Department (800) 552-3633 ext. 511 or
  • Give a few hours to help with special projects, administrative or otherwise, at the SEA campus, or for regional events. Contact the Office of Financial Aid & Student Services at 508.540.3954 x 557.
  • Host an SEA presentation or reception in your local community. For more information, contact the SEA Development Office at (800) 552-3633 ext. 520 or