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Support SEA

New Directions for SEA

Are You Ready to Help Us Set Sail?

Your gift is critical to the future of SEA.

You may mail a check to:
Sea Education Association
PO Box 6
Woods Hole, MA  02543

Or, make an online gift:

You can help ensure SEA’s future!

Beginning in June 2014, SEA will begin offering an exciting new suite of excellent academic SEA Semester programs that will appeal to a broader range and larger number of undergraduate students. Relative to our SEA Semester program offerings in the past, the new programs are characterized by:

  • a greater number of programs with upper division  coursework;
  • a broader offering of programs in multiple disciplines, including the humanities, social sciences  and science;
  • elective course credit options;
  • more programs of shorter (5-week) duration;
  • a more expansive geographic area of operations;
  • and the incorporation of more exotic/appealing international ports of calls.

The Global Ocean

In 2014 we will introduce our newest semester-length program: The Global Ocean (GO). Our curriculum will incorporate the metrics of the Ocean Health Index, a set of guidelines developed by several international environmental organizations to measure human impact on the ocean and coastal environments.  We will study how environmental change impacts human health, economic systems and cultural practices.

To understand how such changes occur, students in the GO programs will look not only at how natural systems work, but also at the histories, cultures, and policies of people who live on coasts and islands in different regions of the world.

Campaign Objectives

The goal of this short-term campaign is to raise funds to support planning and preparation needs for the implementation of The Global Ocean and other new programs, and to support sailing to new destinations in both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Some examples of these needs are:

  • Destination research   
  • Curriculum development and planning
  • Research of new shipyards
  • Charts and electronic updates for new areas of operation
  • New mains’l for SSV Robert C. Seamans
  • New Inmarsat for SSV Corwith Cramer
  • New and expanded marketing strategies
  • Modest improvements to campus cottages

Explore. Dream. Discover.

SEA will begin exploring new international ports in 2014. The Atlantic cruise tracks will include a circumnavigation of the North Atlantic, with stops in North America, Western Europe, Atlantic Islands, and the Caribbean. In the Pacific, we will extend our cruises west and south, including transects through the large Marine Protected Areas in Hawaii, American Samoa, and the Phoenix and Line Islands. Some of our new destinations include:

  • Cork, Ireland
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • American Samoa
  • Cadiz, Spain
  • Fiji
  • Phoenix Islands Protected Area
  • Canary Islands
  • New Zealand  

Human actions have caused measurable changes in the global ocean. The rate at which resources are being extracted and pollutants are being added is having an impact on human health, on economic systems at the global level, and on cultural practices at the local level—and threatens to further degrade them. Many coastal communities are already struggling to cope with sea level rise, depleted fisheries, loss of habitat, and increased catastrophic storm effects.

SEA is committed to addressing the big questions about ocean health.

To understand how such changes occur we need to look not only at how natural systems work, but also at the histories, cultures, and policies of people who live on coasts and islands in different regions. Active involvement with diverse communities in various ports of call and a real-world view of ocean issues from the deck of the ship give a unique perspective on one of the most pressing issues of the twenty-first century.

In 2014, SEA is setting its sights beyond the horizon. Explore with us as we set sail east across the Atlantic. Be a part of our journey to better understand ocean health issues as we expand our presence in the South Pacific. We invite you to come along with us on this adventure and help us to make the next generation of SEA Semester a reality for future SEA students. Your generous gift will have a transformative impact on our students, as they experience first hand the challenges facing the global ocean.  

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Why Give?

Sea Education Association has enjoyed more than four decades of education under sail. From our first program in 1971 aboard Westward to the construction of our campus in 1985, a second ship in 1988 (the Corwith Cramer), and the launch and commissioning of the Robert C. Seamans in 2001, SEA's reputation continues to grow.

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SEA Online Giving & Volunteers Coordinator
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