Tourism Maps

These four maps depict different aspects of the tourism industry in French Polynesia. All diagrams include a background geographical map of the French Polynesian Islands. The three islands visited, Tahiti, Fakarava, and Nuku Hiva, have been highlighted in red. On the inset bar graphs, Tahiti is shown in green, Fakarava in orange, and Nuku Hiva in red. The first map depicts the total number of hotels versus the total number of pensions (smaller, bed & breakfast establishments, usually locally owned), as well as an overall total number of accommodations available in each location. Map Two depicts the total number of hotel rooms versus rooms in pensions, as well as overall total number of rooms on each island. The combination of these two maps reveals not only the ratio of hotels to pensions, but also the relative size of the accommodations. Using recent island population data, Map Three illustrates the ratio of tourists per year to full-time residents on each of the three islands. Lastly, Map Four depicts the ratio of the number of tourists per year to the number of rooms available on each island. These maps are indicative of many trends within the tourism industry. They can be used to critically analyze the differences between islands as well as to extrapolate larger tourism patterns within French Polynesia as a whole. 

Jennifer Binkowski, University of Denver
Carson Mehl, Union College
Marissa Shaw, Middlebury College
Caroline Yeager, Boston College

Map 1


Map 2


Map 3


Map 4