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Shipboard Equipment

Our Ships

Shipboard Equipment

Markey DESF-4 Electric Hydrographic Winch with 3000-5000m 1/4” 3x19 wire rope
Markey DESH-4 Electric Hydrographic Winch with 3000-5000m 1/4” 3x19 wire rope
Markey DEBT-3 Auxiliary “enhanced BT” Winch with 1/8” wire rope
Hydraulic J-frame and Dynacon electronic metered wheel

Bathymetric Equipment
Knudsen Model 3260 Chirp sub-bottom profiling system, 2-7 kHz; consisting of:
TR-109 transducers and digital recorder (8 on Corwith Cramer | 9 on Robert C. Seamans)

Physical/Chemical Oceanographic Equipment
Water sampling Carousel SBE 32-16 with:

  • Seabird Electronics (SBE) 90208 Auto Fire Modules
  • SBE SEACAT Conductivity, Temperature and Depth (CTD) Profiler - Model SBE 19plus & 19plus v.2 unit
  • Biospherical PAR sensor
  • Sea Point in-vivo chlorophyll-a Fluorometer
  • Wetlabs CDOM Fluorometer and Transmissometer
  • SBE-43 oxygen sensor
  • (12) 2.5-L Water Sampling Bottles

Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (RDI Ocean Surveyor 75kHz)
Octans fiber optic gyro-compass on Corwith Cramer; Ashtech ADU-5 on Robert C. Seamans
RBR towed CTD
FIA Lab 2500 flow injection system for nutrient analysis
YSI-30 handheld Salinity-Conductivity-Temperature meter
YSI-85 handheld
Orion 3-star benchtop pH meter
Ocean Optics USB2000 digital spectrophotometers
Secchi Disk
Star-Oddi centi-TD (temperature/depth) logger

Biological Sampling Equipment
Aquabotix Hydroview ROV (200ft rating, color cameras and HD ideo)
Turner Designs Model 10-AU Benchtop Fluorometers
Sea-Gear 200, 333, 1000 μm mesh Plankton nets
Sea-Gear 333 μm mesh Neuston nets (1m wide by 0.5m high)
Sea-Gear 63 μm Phytoplankton nets
Tucker Trawl multiple opening/closing net
MOCNESS with 9 net, 333 μm mesh, ¼ m2 opening (Robert C. Seamans only)
McLane Large Volume Water Transfer System (WTS-LV)

Geological Sampling Equipment
Shipek Sediment Grab
Gravity Corer
Fisher Sediment Scoop

Zeiss Stemi 305 Stereo Dissecting Microscopes
Zeiss Axiolab A1 LED Fluorescence Mircroscopes
Zeiss Axiocam microscope camera for digital photomicrographics

Underway clean-flowing seawater system with SBE-45 thermosalinograph, in-vivo chlorophyll and CDOM fluorometer, and transmissometer. System logs salinity, temperature, in-vivo chlorophyll fluorescence, beam attenuation, CDOM fluorescence, as well as GPS position once per minute while underway.

Computers / Network
HP rp5700 Desktops (Windows XP / 7; RAID; 2-4GB RAM) for scientific instruments as well as shipboard navigation and communication equipment, LAN and wireless network, automatic data backup, student library with HP rp5700 Desktops, Intel I-NUC solid-state computer, printers, and Dell laptops

Laboratory equipment (centrifuges, stir plates, adjustable micropipets, etc.), Milli-Q lab water, aquaria, PAR reference sensor, hydrophone, plankton splitter, handheld GPS