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Deck Crew Employment

SEA hires crew members on a rolling schedule. We welcome inquires at any time. The deck department hiring includes mates, engineers, stewards and deckhands. Please contact ( if you are interested in these positions.

Trips are grouped together to create contracts that work for both the programmatic needs of the vessels and their crew. Crew members can choose to work either a long term or a short term contract. Crew members who work a short term contract sign up for one stint on board that is approximately 3 months long and includes either a semester trip and a yard period or two semester trips. Crew members on a long term contract work at least 180 days (not continuous) in a 12 month time period, making them eligible for health benefits. We like to be crewed out about 6-8 months in advance.

Our Chief Mates are required to have at least a 200 GRT (500 ITC) Ocean license with STCW. Second Mates are required to have the same on almost all trips. Third mates sail on an AB with Sailing Endorsement and STCW on international or domestic routes or a 200 GRT, 500 ITC Near Coastal license on domestic routes. We look for third mates with at least 3 months of watch leading experience on vessels similar in size to ours. Our engineers are not required to be licensed, but we prefer that they have an AB with Sailing endorsement and STCW. Stewards are required to have an OS.

We are fortunate that SEA attracts such skilled, enthusiastic, and dynamic crew and we strive to retain them. To that end, we will continue to review and improve our crew compensation and benefits package, hiring procedures, professional development opportunities, and work environment.

Please send applications and references to:

Marine Operations
Sea Education Association
P.O. Box 6
Woods Hole, MA 02543