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Assistant Scientist


Deck Crew Employment: Benefits

SEA offers a generous benefit package for regular, full-time employees. If you are a crewmember working under a long-term contract, you are eligible for SEA’s benefits. A long-term contract is defined as working a minimum of 180 days in a 12-month period. If your long-term contract has 240 days in a 12-month period, you are eligible for a higher level of benefits.

SEA offers a variety of benefit programs including medical, dental, life and accidental death, long-term disability, flexible benefits, and Massachusetts-resident auto insurance discounts. Coverage for these plans begins the first day of the second month of your long-term contract. SEA also offers a retirement plan that is available to all staff after two years of eligible employment.

Crew whose contract exceeds 63 days will receive reasonable roundtrip transportation costs from the nearest major airline hub (as defined in the SEA Travel Policy). Shipboard personnel on a short-term contract for less than the contract time listed above may receive reasonable transportation costs as determined by SEA.

Details of all above plans as well as all other policies and procedures for seagoing personnel can be found in the SEA Personnel Policy Manual onboard each vessel. You may also contact Patty Annessi ( or at 508-444-1927) for further information about SEA’s benefits.

Please send applications and references to:

Marine Operations
Sea Education Association
P.O. Box 6
Woods Hole, MA 02543