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November 21, 2019

Reggae, Sea Turtles, and Counting Corals: A Typical Day in the Caribbean Reef Expedition Program

Francesca Whitecross, Middlebury College


Hey! My name is Francesca and I’m part of the class C-289. I’m also a member of Middlebury College’s class of 2023.5. In fact, unlike my classmates, I haven’t started college yet! It definitely was daunting at first to be surrounded by college juniors and seniors who seemed so much more mature and experienced, but I quickly felt like I fit right in, and that’s mostly due to my amazing classmates/shipmates.

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April 20, 2018

The Value of SEA Semester for “Winter-admits”

SEA Semester

Celine Yam started at Hamilton in January.  So how did she spend her fall?  SEA Semester!  Ocean Exploration, a SEA Semester program offered this coming fall (and 2019 too), is an ideal choice for students who are either taking a gap year or who are scheduled to start college in the winter. Read more about Celine’s experience…

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