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SEA Currents: summer camp

August 08, 2019

Last day: the report

Amelia Macapia & Marco Roberto, Bard High School Early College & Seaholm High School

SEA Semester

To wrap up our time at SEASCape, we had a “field day” (cleaning day!) extravaganza. After breakfast, we split into groups to clean the cabins and Madden Center (I got to scrape salmon and gum out of the bottoms of trash bins mmm! - Amelia) (I got to carry plates and dishes and sort them, wooo - Marco).

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August 07, 2019

Happy Birthday Marco!

Erin O’Donovan & Erik Geertsma, Hastings High School & Easthampton High School

SEA Semester

With our days at SEASCape dwindling, we started our last academic day with our oceanography class on student chosen topics such as deep sea creatures and climate science. Our next class was Ocean and Society, where we learned about the Disney movie Moana and the history behind the film.

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August 06, 2019

Only one more day of classes

Gwen Roode & Elaina Berdyck, Homeschool & Mount Lebanon High School

SEA Semester

Today was a rainy day full of class for the SEASCape students. We woke up to a breakfast of pancakes and apples, and the rain started just before our first class. Three speakers came in during Oceanography for career day.

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