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November 19, 2019

SEA Profile: Jessica Donohue, Solving the Puzzle of Plastics Pollution

Doug Karlson, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

SEA Semester

Visitors to the Madden Center on SEA’s Woods Hole campus may have noticed an unusual 8-foot plexiglass tube, filled with synthetic saltwater, standing in the main stairwell. The tube is a rise velocity chamber, built by SEA volunteer Ethan Edson (C-247).

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May 21, 2019

SEA PROFILE: Victoria Smith, Alumni Coordinator & Illustration Instructor

Doug Karlson,

SEA Semester

As many mariners and naturalists do, SEA Semester students make sketches and keep journals. For members of the Colonization to Conservation in the Caribbean program, illustration and journaling are part of the curriculum.  Leading the instruction this past winter with Class C-284 was Victoria Smith, SEA’s alumni coordinator, and an accomplished artist in her own right.

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