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SEA Currents: research

April 25, 2014

Research Symposium Prep

Drew Gustafson, A Watch, Bowdoin College


All was quiet on deck.  The on watch was taking care of ship’s business, but they comprised all of the souls present to enjoy the fresh air breezing briskly through the sails.  You might think I could be describing Mid-Watch, detailing a scene in the dead of night, but as it was, the sun was shining brightly on this fine day.  So where were the students?

Deep in the belly of the ship, we were hard at work, completing the final touches to our research project presentations, awaiting the start of the 2014 S252 Research Symposium.

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April 16, 2014

Challenge + Reward

Karissa Parker, Boston University


Ahoy family and friends!

Today was a busy day here on the Seamans. Our Atlas Projects, which we’re working on in groups of three, were due today. My group, which includes Julian and Emma, are focusing on the issue of sea level rise in French Polynesia. Our project provided us with great opportunities to interact with locals in our various port stops and get their opinions on how their island might be affected by rising sea levels.

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