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April 07, 2018

To Meet a Place On The Day of Departure

Farley Miller, 1st Assistant Scientist, SEA Alumnus


To be in a place, to walk around, to touch the rocks and grass; to look at the cliffs, and smell the dirt; this is but part of what being in a place is. The people of a place are what make it; they set the scene, if you will. To be in a place and not meet its people is to get only a part of the story. To visit and only look is to be a tourist; to receive and give conversation is to be good company.

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November 16, 2017

True Blue, Grenada, West Indies

Jan Witting, Meghan Jeans and Robby Fidler, CRE Grenada teaching team

Caribbean Reef Expedition

After a brief five-day break, the Caribbean Reef Expedition students are back together! The next chapter of our voyage has just barely begun as we gathered at our new island home, the True Blue Bay Resort in True Blue, Grenada. This will be our base as we set about exploring the reefs and the landscapes of this beautiful island in a series of field trips in buses, and in boats, in shoes, and in fins.

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March 09, 2017

A Rose’s Point of View: Zooplankton, Plants, and Souls

Rose Edwards, B Watch, College of the Atlantic

The Global Ocean

First off, I’d like to say a huge I love you to a rather wonderful man named Brett Phinney, as this marks our two year anniversary. I still can’t believe I was lucky enough to find you. I’m sorry we can’t spend this day together, but know that I’m still loving you and missing you from the other side of the world.

Now, on to the blog post.

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November 05, 2016

Successful Completion of Global Ocean Europe

Craig Marin, Maritime Studies

The Global Ocean: Europe

Just a few short hours ago, we arrived with all hands on deck into Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, and with the securing of the Corwith Cramer’s dock lines to the pier we marked the end of our six-week journey that started with program activities in Barcelona, a bustling port with crowded streets, and then Mallorca, with its stunning landscape and tourist amenities, and then finally on to the Atlantic port of Cadiz, a smaller urban area than Barcelona but one with a deep and rich history that lived up to expectations, particularly when we decided it was prudent to spend some extra time there rather than push on to Madeira.

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