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SEA Currents: jwo

August 05, 2019

At a Crossroads

Jason Gonsalves, B Watch, University of Redlands


The image attached to this post is what led to the concept of this piece, and truly has left me at a crossroads. We just left Nikumaroro a few days ago, and I’m still wrestling with the idea that our return to Pago Pago (and effectively back home) is imminent.

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March 07, 2019

ABCs of the Robert C Seamans: Apple Crisp, Bioluminescence, and Companionship

Anika Thomas-Toth, C Watch, Carleton College


“Glowing dolphins!” was how I started my day. A little after 0000 I woke up to Fin murmuring to those awake that dolphins were lit up by bioluminescence in the water off the starboard bow. For this rare opportunity I slid out of bed 30 minutes early, pattered up on deck, and draped myself over the rail where I hung staring at the water, dazzled in amazement.

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