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SEA Currents: jamaica

March 08, 2019

Hello, Jamaica!

Natalie Bryce, A watch, University of Miami


Hello from the beautiful city of Port Antonio, Jamaica!  This is our second day docked in Errol Flynn marina.  Yesterday, classmates spent the day exploring markets and restaurants and sampling Jamaica’s famous jerk chicken.  Today was filled with exciting activities and exploring even more new places.

March 17, 2016

A Hike in Jamaica

Sophia Prisco, College of the Atlantic

SEA Semester Caribbean

Jamaica has definitely been a favorite port stop. The beauty of this Caribbean island is not over rated. On our student exploration day, a small group broke off, traversing through the Blue Mountains, hiking to caves and waterfalls and rafting across the Rio Grande with knowledgeable, local guide Rufus Thaxter. If the backdrop of misty green mountains, and dipping valleys with small farms wasn’t breathtaking enough we saw an abundance of interesting native plants.