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SEA Currents: environmental policy

May 09, 2016

When the swells aren’t so swell

Taylor Hallowell, C-Watch, Amherst College

Marine Biodiversity and Conservation

09 May 16, 10:27- Someone told me I look tan. (This is not common occurrence, as I am typically either extremely pale or have a peeling sun burn.)

The westerly winds we have begun to encounter have continued to make for some of our best sailing. For a few hours this morning we were traveling at about 7 knots, a relatively high speed for us thus far. The large swells from yesterday have carried over into today, with some as high as 12 feet.

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September 24, 2015

SEA Supports New England Ocean Protections

Anne Broache,

SEA Semester

For the past 45 years, Sea Education Association (SEA) has worked to develop the next generations of ocean stewards, scholars, and leaders. On undergraduate SEA Semester voyages around the globe, we encourage our students not only to study the science under the surface, but also to understand the nuances of historic and cultural relationships between coastal communities and their local waters.

Safeguarding the health of our oceans for future generations is no simple matter, but we view smart policymaking as a key tool for preserving their rich heritages and regional identities. For example, in our Marine Biodiversity & Conservation program each spring, we have asked our students to devise recommendations for protecting the Sargasso Sea in the North Atlantic Ocean that may inform real-world plans.

Our latest foray into marine policy involves an ongoing debate near our own marine “backyard:” whether to grant permanent, holistic protections to the Cashes Ledge in the Gulf of Maine and the New England Coral Canyons and Seamounts Area along the southern New England coast.

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July 28, 2015

Pitzer Student’s Phoenix Islands Voyage in the Spotlight

SEA Semester® in the News:
“Pitzer Student Karl Kiser Sets Sail to Explore the Pacific”
Pitzer College | July 28, 2015

Pitzer College student Karl Kiser ’16 is spending the summer sailing on one of the first scientific research voyages to the Phoenix Islands, a largely unexplored region of the Pacific Ocean. Through an eight-week Sea Education Association (SEA) Semester summer program, Kiser and 21 classmates are gathering data that will help scientists and policymakers better understand one of the last remaining coral wildernesses on Earth.

Read the full story here.

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June 23, 2015

SEA Semester Class Unveils Sargasso Sea Management Proposal

Anne Broache,

SEA Semester

The 20 advanced undergraduate students of this year’s Marine Biodiversity & Conservation program recently completed a high seas management proposal for the Sargasso Sea, a North Atlantic region increasingly recognized for its strong ecological importance and economic impact.

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July 06, 2014

The Vastness of the Ocean

Alex Ruditsky, B-Watch, Northeastern University

Hour after hour, mile after mile, the horizon remains a flat blue constant. Clouds and some rain pass by overhead intermittently throughout the day and night as swells rock the Seamans back and forth. It seems as if the surrounding world is stuck in the same loop while life on board moves forward. The ocean is a big place. And by big I mean really big. Standing at the helm of the Robert C. Seamans for a few hours, it hit me today how much of our world is covered by blue.

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