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July 12, 2018

Zephyr Trip

Ivy Albright & Liam Hansen, Holliston High School & Gettysburg Area High School

SEA Semester

The group looks at urchins and other creatures from the sea floor

Our day started out with a morning chill in the air and warm bagels compliments of Jamie.Then we gathered in our watch groups and learned how to tie the sheet bend knot, after which we played a few fun interactive games, including one game taught to us by Lily. We then headed up to the Madden Center for Oceans & Society where we talked about transatlantic cables. At the end of class we split into groups to work on our podcast project for some final edits. In Oceanography we finished up a lecture on marine mammals and discussed types of graphs. We then applied our lesson to independent graphing assignments in groups. However, there was little complaint as our assignment was to sort candy and graph our results (personally I was pleased by the wintergreen lifesavers mints-Ivy). After our sugar highs, we began a new project: gather data on our classmates and graph the results. Some were assigned the task of measuring height, or asking how many pets they have.

After lunch we all piled into cars and drove off to the docks in Woods Hole. There we met with Rob Reynolds who led our Zephyr trip. On the boat we deployed an underwater camera that recorded the bottom of the bay in search for eelgrass and critters who live among it. We also dredged the bottom in a deeper area, and we were all excited to hold and interact with the residents of the seafloor, most plentiful of which were starfish, urchins, and hermit crabs. We also towed a plankton net across the top of the water and collected a surplus of organisms. We brought a few specimens back to the campus to examine further. Upon arrival we went to the Madden Center to discuss the plans for tomorrow's downlink with an astronaut on the International Space Station. During afternoon free time some students went to the beach while others stayed on campus to either catch up on work or play ultimate frisbee. Before dinner a SEASCape alum visited and spoke about her internship in Woods Hole and her time at SEASCape. The evening was wrapped up with a screening of Chasing Ice and study hall.

- Ivy Albright ( Holliston High School) Liam Hansen (Gettysburg Area High School)


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