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July 15, 2018

World Cup and Tie-Dye

Elizabeth Torna & Rebecca Ward-Dioro, Brearley School & Boiling Springs High School

SEA Semester

Above: Chloe and Lily tie-dye; below: the group tries to direct a marble downhill into a bucket

Since we didn’t have any classes today, we all enjoyed an extra two hours of sleep this morning. Once we were awake we had frittatas, bacon, and fruit for breakfast. After performing our daily chores, some people headed up to the Madden Center to watch the World Cup Final, while others remained at the houses to tie-dye.

I, Becca, stayed up at the Madden Center to watch the World Cup. I would say the people watching were pretty evenly divided; Lily, Alanna, and Jeremy wanted Croatia and Chloe, Sophie, Bryce, Grace, and myself were rooting for France. There was some yelling, but we generally kept our emotions in check, and the final score of 4-2 personally made me very happy.

Coordinating lunch was a hectic affair today because everyone was doing different things at different times, so we had sandwiches, chips, and salad. In the afternoon, the rest of the group finished their tie-dyeing, while the people who didn’t watch the World Cup went to the movies to see either The Incredibles 2 or Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Tie-dying was really fun, but I think a lot of people got dye on their hands that will take a while to get off. Tomorrow we will be taking off the rubber bands to see how the shirts turned out, which I am really excited about. Once the tie-dyes were done, people who weren’t at the movies just relaxed in the shade or in the Madden Center because it was pretty darn hot outside.

After having pork, tofu, rice, and salad for dinner, we headed to LTC (Leadership, Teamwork, and Community) to do some (frustrating) teamwork building exercises before wrapping up our day with study hall.

Overall, it was a very relaxing, laid-back day and I think everyone enjoyed how their day played out.

Elizabeth Torna, Brearley School Rebecca Ward-Dioro, Boiling Springs High School

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