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July 09, 2018

Woodneck Data Collection and Highfield Hall and Gardens

Grace Levins & Maria Pagliaro, Easthampton High School & Sacred Heart Academy

SEA Semester

Above: Kai, Lia and Danny record the biological items inside their research quadrant; below: Lily, Bryce and Liam collect data on the beach profile; Grace at Highfield Hall's geodesic dome.

Today we did a variety of things including our first data collection at Woodneck Beach. There we split into groups: geological, physical, chemical, biological, and human interaction. For example in the chemical group, we took water samples and tested the amount of nitrate, phosphate, and dissolved oxygen present in the water. In the geological group, specifically, sediment focused, we used charts to determine the colors of rocks and sand, and sieved through sand to tell the volume and size of the measured material. While some group collected data and learning new processes with Maia, the rest of us explored the marsh on the other side of the sand dunes. While exploring the marsh, we found spider crabs, green crabs, hermit crabs, fiddler crabs, blue crabs, mussels, and more. We ended up collecting things ranging from sand and rocks to eels and baby pufferfish. It was fascinating to discover the life under the sea.

After we enjoyed lunch, tomato soup, and grilled cheeses, we made our way to the second field trip of the day, Highfield Hall and Gardens. Here, science meets art and sculptures portraying different scientific processes such as evolution and migration were on display. We also got to make our own music at a sound garden which was filled with drums, xylophones, and a glockenspiel. Then we split up into groups where some went to the beach, some stayed on campus, and some went adventuring in Beebe Woods. After free time was over, we all reconvened for dinner which was delicious chicken fajitas. We finished off the day with a leadership meeting where we did several activities which measured our skills as leaders. Then came study hall and finally, well-deserved sleep. We are looking forward to the next upcoming days filled with more data collections and field trips!

- Grace Levins, Easthampton High School and Maria Pagliaro, Sacred Heart Academy

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