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October 07, 2016

Wholly Cra’pula

Eliza Krause, A-Watch, University of Redlands


The whole group enjoying our time at the beach in Pangaimotu village after our feast

Current Position
18° 41.25’S x 174° 01.53’W

Very beautiful and calm

Souls on Board

This morning my day started off with dock watch at 0600. The mornings here are cool, calm, and have beautiful sunrises. At 0700 we had a wonderful breakfast of oatmeal and delicious condiments cooked by our amazing steward (Cook) Bex. Today was one of the best days here in Tonga. We met with a local Tongan woman named Peti who brought her granddaughter and her friend. They took us on a nice tour around the island in two buses. We got to see many of the different little villages, one of them called Pangaimotu, where Rachel, Peti’s granddaughter, is from.

We also had three amazing stops on the tour today. The first stop was where the Queen of Tonga was born. It was on the top of a cliff that looked out over the vast ocean. When we stepped out of the bus Savanna immediately said, “ holy crapooola!” in astonishment; hence the title of this blog. To get there we took a small, winding two track dirt road that was barely big enough for the buses. The second stop was very similar to the first stop and looked out to a similar view. Being so high up and looking down at the water was amazing because it really gives you an idea of what the reefs are like. The colors from up above were so incredible that no picture could do them justice. The white sand beaches led into the shallow coral reefs that are filled with light blue and green colors; the reefs then led to the deeper ocean which starts out with a deep turquoise to a light blue to a dark blue in the deepest parts. The water here is so clean that you can see the bottom from hundreds of feet above.

The third stop we had today was at a fun little beach where we were fed local Tongan food. Some of the things we had for food were taro root, sweet potato, fruit, sausage, fish, coconut curry and many other things. To drink we had the classic orange Tang. We hung out at the beach for a couple of hours while some people swam, some people took naps (I was included in that), and Stu channeled his inner 7 year old and played in the shallow sandy water with the local kids. After hanging out there and getting a nice little nap in, we headed back to the boat. Thankfully we got a bit more freetime before setting sail again to Tongatapu. Noah, Savanna, Stu, Tarita, Nolan, Olivia, Ben Harden (better known as Big Ben), Andrew, Emma N, Jake, Chloe, and I all went to get ice cream. This was a nice treat after a long hot day. Today at 1700 we left our wharf here in Vava’u to head to Tongatapu. We traveled about two miles out from the harbor to anchor for the night--a beautiful clear night with lots of stars.

Today is also Tarita’s birthday so Savanna, Tehani and I made her a chocolate cake with Bex. We made cake batter and put them into cupcake tins and they are currently exploding in the oven as I type. Im sure they will taste just fine!

Today was a wonderful day and I would like to tell my parents that I am doing wonderful, in good health and of course having the time of my life. I have chosen not to connect until New Zealand so keep up with the blogs!



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#1. Posted by DAVE KRAUSE on October 11, 2016

good morning or afternoon or evening eliza. so cool that you are having such a great time !! we love reading all the blogs !! everyone here is doing well and we will be anxious to hear all about your trip ! so take care and be safe and we will keep in touch by reading everyones blogs !! love from everyone in Colorado and new mexico !!

#2. Posted by Melly Reuling on October 11, 2016

Hi, Sounds like all is great, what an amazing adventure.  It is snowing in B’town already and people are skiing.  B just got back from Desert Trip with M,.. fun!  I am off to BC for the rest of the week.  Miss you tons, keep lapping it up!  Love you, mom

#3. Posted by Wes Krause on October 11, 2016

Habari Eliza,
Tulifarai kusoma maandishi yako, asante..  Tulifikiria kwamba unaendalea vizuri, lakini ni nzuri to soma hivio.  Wote hapa wako salama.  Mama anachukia kidogo sababu barafu alifika na baridi yapo.  Uendalea kusafiri safi. Tunafikiria habari yako kila wakati.  Tunakupena, B

#4. Posted by Monique Stennis on October 11, 2016

Hi Eliza,

I really like your blog.  It looks like you are having such a great experience sailing.  Would you email photos and captions of your adventure?  I will include them on the University of Redlands’ Instagram page.


Monique Stennis, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)



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