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July 26, 2019

WHOI Engineering Lab and Beach!

Franny Oppenheimer & Cece Dunham, Cambridge Rindge and Latin School & Wahconah Regional High School

SEA Semester

Above: Franny, Cece, and Gracie displaying their soldering wires at WHOI; below: Erik, Kelly, and Franny at Trunk River Beach for the first dip.

This morning, like all of our mornings so far, we woke up to a delicious breakfast made by our wonderful steward, Jared. We then had our daily watch meeting, where we learned to tie a new knot (the square knot!), and went off to do our morning chores. We had our first class of the day, Oceanography, where we learned about Marine Biology, specifically how to classify an animal with different subunits. We got to look at different critters found over the years that have been kept in bottles of ethanol to keep them from decomposing. We saw a little pufferfish, a squid, lobster and crab larvae, and many other very interesting sea creatures. We then went to our Ocean’s and Society class, where we got to participate in a long discussion about modern whaling, and what we considered to be ethical. We also talked about the laws and boundaries of whaling/fishing, and who is responsible for making and enforcing them.

After class, we had lunch and packed our things for an afternoon field trip to the WHOI engineering lab. At the lab, we were split into two groups. One group got to finesse their soldering skills, working to attach two pieces of wire together as efficiently as possible, and then got to test the current of a functional solar panel. The other group enjoyed a tour of the WHOI facilities, including taking the opportunity to fly a makeshift ROV (remote operated vehicle) and to learn about the use of ROVs and AUVs (autonomous underwater vehicles) in WHOI’s research. Once both groups had completed their respective activities, they switched places, so that everyone had a chance to do everything. It was a super fun and informative trip!

After leaving WHOI, our next stop was the beach for two hours of free time (though some students elected to return to campus). After lathering up with sunscreen, many of us enjoyed swimming and skipping stones together. Once we had all cooled off, we returned to campus, and to a yummy dinner of hot dogs and hamburgers. Finally, after washing all of the dishes, we gathered in the Madden Center, packed ourselves into four couches, and watched the 2003 nautical classic Master and Commander as part of our Oceans and Society class. The film went longer than expected, so (to everyone’s delight) we forewent Study Hall and headed straight back to the dorms to get ready for bed and write this blog! We are all looking forward to tomorrow’s research trip to Penikese Island, and (if possible, even more so) to sleeping in a little. Until next time!

- Franny Oppenheimer, Cambridge Rindge and Latin School & Cece Dunham, Wahconah Regional High School

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