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SEA Currents: Robert C. Seamans

March 15, 2015

What’s Cooking​!

Lauren Heinen, Steward

The Global Ocean: New Zealand

Above: My galley girls cookin’ up lunch. Below: My mustache boys paying homage to Elliot

At the dock in Dunedin

Current Status
One oven at 350°F to bake the birthday carrot cake, two burners on high to melt the butter and cook the custard for pie, very clean surfaces au cause de field day

Smoky and aromatic from caramelizing onions, buttery and comforting from baking smells, warm from the hot oven, and high spirited from the pumpin’ jams

Into dinner prep

Souls on Board

Hi there.  I’m Lauren, the steward, and I just want to say that it has been an honor to feed your kids/siblings/friends. This group is a great bunch of eaters and that makes me very happy. They never fail to demolish a snack even if they have all just been whining about how full they are from lunch. When I made pannu kakku (Finnish pancake) for breakfast, they didn’t even question it and just said “I don’t know what this is but I can’t stop eating it.” How could a cook not appreciate that?

There was such a flurry of activity in the galley today - Helen baking her professional carrot cake for Stu’s 30th birthday, Conor making his perfected pie dough and custard, Megan whipping up a tzatziki sauce, Scoop and Emma chopping veg, Liz working the grill like a pro line-cook, and Sarianna furiously washing and playing some dance music to entertain us. It’s really a tragedy that the trip is ending so soon, because there are still so many things that we haven’t made and eaten yet! Time is running out and we can’t fit all of the meals in!

Alright enough about my cooking, let’s talk about New Zealand food. YUM. Chicken/brie/cranberry pies, chocolate almond croissants, venison sausage, a rainbow of stone fruits.  Delicious Asian restaurants everywhere – fresh noodle curry soups, sushi trains, kebabs, whole roasted duck. The meat here is just gorgeous. The beef/lamb/pork/chicken what have you that I’ve been buying are such high quality that the steak is almost burgundy in color before cooking, and the pork loin has still got the butcher’s stamp right on the skin.   Last night for dessert I was served an apple-berry crumble with 3 types of dairy – custard, whipped cream, and ice cream. New Zealand for the win. 

If you would like a delicious souvenir from Kiwiland, ask your kids to bring you a box of Timtams.

Shout out to my message-in-a-bottle finders, Karen and Greg from Opotiki.  I’m very glad you found my bottle and thank you for contacting me!

Peace and chicken grease,

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#1. Posted by Mark - Dad of the Steward on March 16, 2015

I’m so jealous of all you students and ship hands - You get my daughter’s cooking for weeks and I only get to see her for mere days - Isn’t she the best cook you ever had the pleasure of waiting on You? Miss you and Love you Lauren!

#2. Posted by barry hansen on March 16, 2015

glad you enjoyed our food come back sometime in the future and enjoy the hostspitality as we enjoy visitors from all works of life

#3. Posted by Peter Jones on March 16, 2015

Reading about Tim Tams and Penguins reminds me that Tim Tams are based on the British Penguin biscuit. My mother (Jenny’s grandmother) ate a Penguin (the biscuit) with her cup of tea every single day of her adult life.



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