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July 10, 2018

What a Fun Day!

Harlan Quintana & Lily Heidmann, Santa Fe Indian School & Rangiora High School

SEA Semester

Above: the group visits the New Bedford Whaling Museum; below:

After breakfast this morning we got on the “big yellow school bus,” and headed to New Bedford.

After a long one hour ride, we arrived at the New Bedford Whaling Museum where we learned about whales and some artifacts, which were shared with us by the helpful staff working in and amongst the museum. Then we were shown log books and whaler’s journals from their adventures at sea (hunting whales and accounts from their days) by the librarian at the museum. After that, we were allowed to tour the rest of the museum by ourselves where we looked at boats and the equipment used to hunt whales and also the scrimshaw designs, which were of women’s faces, musical instruments and the whales they saw on the ships.
The gift shop at the museum was definitely a highlight for some of us as they had tons of stuffed marine animals, and I had to buy one, it’s a dolphin.(Harlan)

After we left the museum, we went to go eat lunch in a nearby park. Informed that we could explore New Bedford by ourselves, we quickly ate our lunch and headed off in search of ice cream.  I myself was in search for some chocolate ice cream which was luckily found soon later.(Lily) We walked to an ice cream shop and into various stores to look for things that we don't need, but bought anyway. After the unnecessary expenditures, we met back with the group.

We then explored the Seamen’s Bethel. There we saw memorial plaques for those who have died at sea.

Once we left, we trekked to a fishing port and visited the Fishing Heritage Museum. We learned about the scallop industry, we also saw Danny and Jeremy put on survival suits. They really looked like giant lobsters. After that we left and traveled back to campus.

Back at the dorms we watched a movie called Into the Gyre. It was very alarming when it talked about the amount of plastic in the Atlantic compared to the rest of the world. We finished the day with study hall and bed.
We are excited to see what will happen in the next couple days!

- Harlan Quintana - Santa Fe Indian School
- Lily Heidmann - Rangiora High School

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