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July 07, 2015

Whale Watching in Plymouth!

Emma & Oriana | Eleanor | Angelica

SEA Semester

Above: Nathan, Richard, Pen and Kenneth relaxing in Plymouth, MA. Below, top: Humpback tail! Below, bottom: Mayflower Replica

Today we went whale-watching. Despite having to wake up earlier than usual, we all excitedly boarded the bus at 730 am to travel to Plymouth, MA. There was beautiful weather all day and we spotted quite a few whales, and even a shark! When the boat got back, we all explored the historic town of Plymouth. We saw Plymouth Rock and visited many stores on the town's Main Street. When we got home we went to the beach and then watched an interesting movie about historical naval battles called Master and Commander.
- Emma & Oriana

Hi everyone! Today the SEASCape class of 2015 went whale watching in Plymouth, MA. Yay! On the boat trip out we saw several animals, including minke whales, and several seagulls. The trip out was windy and the temperature dropped dramatically as soon as we were out of sight of the port. When we reached the spot where we were to whale watch, we encountered another whale watching boat. This boat was circling a lighter patch of water, which turned out to be the first of three humpback whales we would see. This whale surfaced a total of three times, and each time their was an air of general excitement from all the passengers. We moved on when saw another whale surface. She (the whale) stayed within close proximity of the boat the entire time. Within a half-hour she joined another, unnamed, whale. Several SEA students discussed names for the unnamed whale, including "Fluke Skywalker" (Thanks Cassie). We watched the whales for awhile before returning back to port. During the trip back, there was an alleged sighting of a shark, but only a handful of people saw it. Overall it was a very fun morning!
-Eleanor Cooper-Silvis (Hi, Mom!)

We also went and walked around the town of Plymouth after the whale watch. When we got off the boat, we all went and sat in a park to eat lunch. While we ate lunch in the shade, Carl told us about the Mayflower (although we only saw the replica). We then split up into different groups to go around town. There were a bunch of souvenir shops, a candy store that sold actual penny candy, an ice cream store, and even a Harry Potter store. Everyone then met up at Plymouth Rock,  and we took the bus back to campus. After having a bit of break time, Nick made us lasagna for dinner, which was delicious. We then went to watch a movie in the Madden Center called Master and Commander, which we’re going to be discussing in Carl’s class tomorrow morning. Overall, it was a really fun day and everyone enjoyed it.
-Angelica Dziurzynski

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#1. Posted by dmsilvis on July 08, 2015

Sounds like the whale-watching trip was a good time!  Thanks to all of you for your blog entries.  It’s great to be able to follow your adventures.

(And hi back to you, Eleanor!)

#2. Posted by bjolyle on July 09, 2015

Whales and sharks…I wonder if the passengers crossing the ocean in the Mayflower were as happily excited to see these sea creatures.  7:30 departure is sleeping in for Oriana! Thanks for the postings.

#3. Posted by Theresa Earenfight on July 09, 2015

Such vivid descriptions of what sounds like a fantastic class on the sea. Can you tell I’m jealous!



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