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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

October 17, 2021

We’re Becoming Sailors!

Taylor Hunt, C-Watch, Coastal Carolina University


Above: Beautiful skies aboard the Cramer (Phoenix on the bow); Below: Fun on the head rig during sunset (Brier, Taylor); Hauling the main sheet on the high seas (Colin, Kayla, Allen, Rob, Phoenix, James, Joey, Ava, Jenna).

Noon Position
38° 39.9’ N x 063° 31.4’ W

Ship Heading

Ship Speed
3.6 knots

Taffrail Log
706.8 nautical miles

Weather / Wind / Sail Plan
Wind: SSW force 5 (17-21 knots). Waves: SW 3-5 ft. Clouds: 5/8 coverage, cumulus/ stratus. Sail plan: Three of the four lowers (Mains’l, Main Stays’l, Fore Stays’l)

Souls on board

"Who would have thought that a small, volunteer deckhand position that I started at 15 would lead me to this ship, my dream, and all of you who I now call family" - A thought I had while on watch the other day.

Where do I even begin.? We have only been underway for a week and it feels like it's been a month already with how much we have learned. I joined this beautiful ship with minimal sailing knowledge and now me and my watch mates are passing stays'ls and hauling halyards to gybe, by ourselves. How incredible!

We sailed through a squall this evening and are passing through another one as I type. This day has been a lot of fun for all of us and it's not quite over yet. With that being said, there has not been a single dull moment so far. I have loved every second I have been with the SSV Corwith Cramer. even the moments when I am exhausted and my body hurts from standing watch and handling sails all day, I can look back at the day and still be in complete awe of how much I have learned and seeing what I am capable of. Every day, I find myself ecstatic to go to watch, even when I am waking up at 1230 to stand watch from 0100-0700. I am in this mode where I am so excited to learn more and master skills to keep this ship sailing. I feel like I can't possibly get enough and I want to learn everything that I possibly can, from shooting stars with the sextant to memorizing the names and functions of all the lines on every pin.

At the same time as taking in my new environment and learning, I do think about my home in Hawai'i as well as my friends and family who wished me farewell on this voyage. To all of you, I think about you every day, I miss you, and I love you! I look forward to seeing you all on land again and telling you all of the stories.

Finally I would like to mention that today is a special day. Today is my dad's birthday so...  Happy birthday dad!  You will be pleased to know that I finally memorized and understand the points of sail. My watch and sail  through foul weather today goes out to you.

With all of my heart,
Taylor Hunt, C watch, Coastal Carolina University

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#1. Posted by Adam Hunt on October 18, 2021

It’s so gratifying to see you all doing so well and enjoying your time at sea. The value of hard work cannot be understated based on what I’ve been reading as I follow your voyage.  Thank you, Taylor for remembering my birthday.  We miss you but know that you are where you belong right now.

I wish you all Fair winds and Following seas, and we’re sending you warmest aloha!

#2. Posted by Jim Smalley on October 20, 2021

We, stranded back on land, are very excited for and in awe of all the students and crew of the Cramer. What a great adventure you all are on! We are following your location daily and are looking forward to learning more about your activities on board and the research you’re pursuing. We all wish you calm seas and perfect winds on your journey.

From Taylor’s grandparents.

#3. Posted by Adam Hunt on October 20, 2021

I look forward to these blog entries with anticipation every day (and maybe a little jealousy).  The hard work and dedication is impressive, but the joy and enthusiasm is what really leaves me in awe of all of you.  Thank you, Taylor for remembering me today.  Thinking of you always, I’m reminded what it’s like to wait for someone else to return from deployment!  You and your shipmates are in our prayers. We love you!!

“Some went down to the sea in ships,
  doing business on the great waters;
they saw the deeds of the Lord,
  his wondrous works in the deep.”
-Psalm 107:23-24



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