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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

November 20, 2015

We Work While Dolphins Play

Kennedy Holland, C Watch, Claremont McKenna College

Oceans & Climate

C Watch takes the helm. Photo Credit: Katie Lyon

22° 28.1’ N x 023° 34.3’ W

Description of location
High Seas, Canary Current

532.2 nm

Souls on Board

Today, the Cramer is heading farther into the high seas, with swells up to 15ft! Trust me, this gives an entirely new meaning to ‘rock and roll’. I want to use this blog opportunity to explain a little further into exactly how SEA students are spending our time so far on the Cramer. Personally, I am overwhelmed. Try learning a new language, adjusting to a new lifestyle, and having pending assignments due all within a week. This is by far the steepest learning curve I have ever experienced. Many parents and friends of students reading this will understand that we had a very busy workload during the 6-week shore component, and even though it is incredible to have the ocean as our backyard, our workload is as full as ever.

Everywhere on the ship there are checklists. These checklists explain what we need to learn as soon as possible, and what needs to be completed at various dates. So far, I’ve had to memorize the lookout point system, the 32 compass directions, multiple scientific processing procedures, and oh, let’s not forget the 90 lines on the Cramer that we must know to strike and set the 10 different sails. I will stop there, for I do not want to bore you with the details, but learning these along with having watch duty on average 8 hours per day, class each afternoon, and assignments due regularly, is very stressful.

Throughout this week, however, I have tried my best to remain positive despite how overwhelming this new lifestyle is. Beautiful moments happen during the day that completely take me by surprise, and it’s these moments that I focus on to get me through my tiring 6 hour watch shifts. It’s these moments that make all the hard work worth it. My first night while I was on bow lookout at 2am, I saw dolphins playfully swimming back and forth across the bow wake, with bioluminescence lighting up their path. There are no words to describe how utterly amazing this was. In that moment, I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be. As we continue along our journey and our workload increases, I am looking forward to finding the little things about the Atlantic and the Cramer that take my breath away.

Eben wants to let Kenya know that he hasn’t thrown up yet, so he’ll be cashing in his two hour massage as soon as he’s home. He misses you.

I would like to wish my beautiful sister, Avery, a happy birthday! And also a belated happy birthday to my mom. I hope you both had a wonderful day – I miss you so much! Brandon – I’m thinking about you a lot, and hope you are doing well. I love you!

Fair winds,

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#1. Posted by Linda Holland on November 23, 2015

Hi Kennedy,  it was so great to read your blog post.  Your trip sounds amazing—hang in there!  We are loving the blog so tell your classmates how much their posts are appreciated.  It really gives us a sense of what it must be like, and all I can say is, you’re so much braver than I!  Dad and I are looking forward to Thanksgiving in a few days with Avery and Tyler, and will miss you so very much! You will be in our thoughts then and for the next month (almost) as you make your way to St. Croix.

Can’t wait to give you a big hug!  Take care and fair winds,


#2. Posted by Chris & Fred Kamins on November 29, 2015

Hi Kennedy, thought we would write and wish you good luck and safe sailing on those high seas. Enjoying following all your adventures.
Take care.

#3. Posted by Louisa Stroheber on December 05, 2015

Hi Kennedy we are enjoying the blogs sounds exciting even though your
all working hard.. You are now on the last half you will have lots of stories to tell . We will talk to you at xmas.keep sailing
Lots of love ,

Grandpa &  Grandma

#4. Posted by Myrna Dmytryshyn on December 06, 2015

Hi Kennedy, we are really enjoying the blogs from you and your crew. Sounds like all of you are having a fantastic experience. We spent the month of November looking after Copper, while your mom and dad were in Palm Springs, he is slowing down but still doing well for a 14 year old dog. We have been passing on the blogs to grandma and she has really enjoyed them also. Take care and enjoy the rest of the trip.

Aunty Myrna &Uncle; Jerry



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