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July 30, 2015

We Had a Trashy Day

Rachel Knauerhase

SEA Semester

Above: Annie, Isaac, Amanda, Avery and Marine hunting for trash at the beach clean-up. Below: Alex and Seth proudly displaying their haul.

We woke up bright and early to a breakfast of eggs and toast. We went to the classroom and were met by Jeffrey Brodeur who spoke to us about plastics in the ocean. Then we all walked to Racing Beach with Jeff and did a beach clean up. In total we all collected 36 pounds of trash, comprised of 1036 pieces. Next, we went back to campus for free time and a lunch of grilled cheese.

We had a fun activity in Maritime History and Culture about managing the resources of the make believe island of Maddenland. There were some raised voices and passionate arguments. During freetime some of us had a lovely trip to the beach and some of us stayed on campus.

Next we had a dinner of chicken and rice casserole and Maia surprised us with munchkins (shout out to the real MVP)! Lastly we met in our salt marsh groups to finish our presentations.

Today was a very lovely warm day.

- Rachel

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