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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

February 25, 2016

Water’s next?

Pam de Lange, De La Salle University Manila-Philippines

Colonization to Conservation in the Caribbean

(because we're all missing the water) Snorkeling at Cane Bay, St. Croix USVI

19° 18.0’N x 066° 50.2’ W

Description of location
Puerto Rico Trench

Weather / Wind
Clear skies and windy weather

Souls on Board

This was our first night sleeping on the boat while underway after being dockside in the charming beauty of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico and being pretty much stationary for the past 2 days. Some of us were starting to get antsy to get back at sea because we were starting to get "land sick" to the point that we'd find ourselves on land suddenly walking or swaying like we would on the boat. For me at least, I was afraid that the longer I was on land, the more likely I'd get sea sick again when we set sail- which thankfully was not the case.

I was awoken by Martin, for breakfast at 0600 and in time for my next watch at 0700-1300. Surprisingly, I wake up so easily here, probably because I really have to and it seems like every day just gets better and better. If  I was back home, they'd have to literally drag me out of bed to wake up. Breakfast was good, I had a little taste of bacon (which I miss so much!!!) on the toast with cheese and egg. Lunch was even better, we had soft tacos with pulled pork and dinner was just divine; we had pizza bagel bites and salad!

Today, I was assigned to lab, which I unexpectedly enjoy so much. Tim, Shane and I were so busy- we had four science deployments: The Secchi Disc, Conductivity Temperature Depth (CTD) profiler, the Dip net, and Surface Sample in between having to do the hourly logs, 6 minute obs and handling some sails. During our watch, as we were gybing and about to haul the main sheet, Emma spotted a few dolphins off the bow; some of which swam past us on the port side of the boat.  Those few seconds were not enough and we all are hoping to see more of them soon.

While we were in Puerto Rico the ship was in only 11 meters of water but in less than a day's sail north we were over the Puerto Rico trench (which is known to be the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean) and recorded our deepest depth at around 7900 meters!!!! *As of sending off this note we surpassed 8185m!

I decided to post an earlier photo because I've been missing the water- we haven't had any swim calls or snorkeling trips in five days. Being around the ocean but not getting to swim seems like a tease but the trade winds that are great for sailing are not the best for swim calls. 

Everything's been so amazing that we've run out of words to explain how we feel about this whole program. The past 8 weeks have been incredible and I can't wait to see what the next 4 weeks has to come.

To my never ending supportive family, I wouldn't have been able to be here without your continuous love and support and for that, I'm always grateful + my babies who I miss so much Fifi, Pepito, Denali, Polka, Britney & Dumbo and my friends, sending you guys loads and loads of hugs and kisses. I miss you all, see you guys back in Manila in a few months! & Advance Happy Birthday to one of my bestest friends, Isa! Missing you loads, ichobelly ? Have a great one!

- Pam
(Trivia: I'm the only international student of CCC class C264)

PS: Shout out to Michelle's dog, Cristy (not sure if I spelled that right and I can't find Michelle to double check)


#1. Posted by Pam de Lange on February 28, 2016

Nice to hear from you Spammy! Good to know that they do not have to drag you out of bed to wake up. Enjoy your great learning adventure as you discover more of the awesome mother nature. All your pets were happy that you named each one of them. They send you their yelps and meows and we send you our hugs and kisses! Remember to always be the best version of yourself & remember to pray always to the awesome God who created all these and made all these happen.

Much love,


#2. Posted by Doug Joseph on February 29, 2016

Great post, as they all have been.  Pam, thanks for sharing Michelle’s shout out to Cristy (whose name you DID spell correctly).  Cristy hopes that, unlike at home, Michelle, too, wakes easily and doesn’t need to be dragged from bed! Maybe the foundation for some good new habits to take back to land?  To all:  be safe, be well, and soak up the incredible memories!

#3. Posted by Pau de Lange on February 29, 2016

We’re installing a hammock in your room so you can keep swaying when you get home to ease back slowly to land life. Haha!

Have fun! A full month of adventures still await you and the Cramer crew!

#4. Posted by Susan Knauss on March 02, 2016

I like the idea of a hammock! Cora may be sleeping in one as well! And thank you, Pam, for all the wonderful facebook pictures you share.



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