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SEA Currents: Robert C. Seamans

March 23, 2016

Until We Meet Again (Probably in Minnesota)

Makenzie Michel, C-Watch, Union College

The Global Ocean: New Zealand

Members of C-watch (Sara, Alina, Alex, and I) enjoying a beautiful evening on the bow sprit before a night off in Dunedin [photo credit to Molly!].

Current position
44° 00.9’ S 172° 38.4’ E

Description of location
En route to our final destination, Lyttleton, New Zealand

Course & speed
NE, winds at 17 knots

Sail plan
Sailing through the night

Reduced visibility, 19° C and 5 foot swells

Souls on Board

Dear diary/internet,

We had a surprisingly great day weather-wise today! At approximately 0200 we got word of a minor storm coming our way. Though the wind speed increased and the sky filled with clouds, the rain luckily held off. The plan as of yet is to stay close to the coast to protect us from the poor weather. We had an exciting surprise fire drill before lunch, giving us all a chance to practice our fire-fighting protocol, maybe for the last time onboard the Seamans.

Today C-watch had our last dawn watch of the trip. Will I miss going to sleep on a full stomach after dinner at 1900 only to be woken up with the weather forecast at 0030? Not particularly. What I will miss are the quiet starry nights on bow watch, the Neuston net lit up with bioluminescence, successfully furling the jib just a few feet above the water, and trying to complete a coherent dawn watch question while sliding around on the lab floor with my shipmates.

If you are a parent of an S-264 student, congrats on raising them. We have a pretty special group on board and they've all made this journey great. T-minus three days left of our adventure; tears soon to come.

Happy birthday to my grandpa and my mom (I hope you got the gifts I hid in my closet)!

Peace, love, and hourly engine room checks,

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#1. Posted by Rudy Salesin on March 24, 2016

Thank you all so much for your wonderful contributions, keeping us all well-informed and excited about all of the amazing things you have accomplished and seen. I wish you all good luck in your future endeavors.
Rudy Salesin (Alex’s grandmother)



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