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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

March 30, 2015

The Ship Rests

Sean S. Bercaw, Captain

Colonization to Conservation in the Caribbean

Corwith Cramer safely alongside Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Alongside in Old San Juan, tucked in between the mighty cruise ships yet their passengers look upon us with envy as they wander by. Corwith Cramer now rests, having served her charges well. Over 2000 nautical miles sailed with nary a scratch. The students have now departed, headed off in a myriad of directions, some perhaps to never set foot aboard again, but that is the magic, for the ship and the sea are in their blood, and whether or not they 'return to the sea,' the evolution and the experience they've had lives on.

As Captain I find that my job is not dissimilar from being the Conductor of an orchestra - a light hand guiding the various 'instruments', allowing the strengths of each to flourish.  During C-257 we had an outstanding field of 'instruments' and the 'production' was incredible.  For me, this voyage has captured the belief; "We are the magic; life is but a reflection of what we offer."

Fair Winds and a Hearty Vessel,

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#1. Posted by Sunshine on April 02, 2015

THANK YOU Captain!!

#2. Posted by Mary Ann Boyer on April 09, 2015

Thank you Captain Sean!  I loved reading the blogs.  Through daughter Toni Hall, I was able to relive my experience on the Westward W-69 with Captain Carl Chase at the helm 32 years ago. So happy for her and for all the lucky shipmates who had this experience on the Cramer.  Thank you for your guidance and care!  Hope you have a well deserved rest before your next SEA venture.  Cheers. 
Mary Ann Boyer



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