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SEA Currents: Robert C. Seamans

May 01, 2015

The End

Elle Nakamura, Colorado College

Oceans & Climate

Rainbow over Moorea on our final passage.

Current Position
Papeete, Tahiti

Sail Plan

Sunny, perfectly breezy, with cumulus clouds

Souls on Board

This experience was spectacular. Our last quarter deck meeting was filled with reflection, advice, and choked up goodbyes. I myself cannot describe to you everyone’s thoughts and feelings about this voyage for my words will not do it justice. Therefore, I have asked every student to write a few sentences of their own conclusion, may it be a statement of appreciation or reflection. Thank you very much. To the crew, to the other students and to my family. This has been an amazing 12 weeks.  – Elle Nakamura

The ocean is a beautiful place. Mama Seamans, you taught me how to live simply and to appreciate life’s adventures. Thank you.  – Claudia Mazur

Stepping onboard that first day I felt a nervous excitement about what was to come. Now, having spent these past weeks with such a diverse group of shipmates, I find that my perspective on life has been changed in ways I cannot fully comprehend. But I do know that, stepping back onto shore, I have a newfound nervous excitement about what my future has in store for the next adventure.  – Ariana Sharma

Thank you to the stars that shined and shot across the sky, the increasing temperature and the ocean for becoming my home – may I return soon and navigate many new adventures.  – Nevin Schaeffer

Thank you to SEA, Mama Seamans, and all of my fellow crew for giving me a once in a life time adventure. May we always cherish this experience and remember the peace and comfort that we found at home in the middle of the ocean.  – Nicole Abib

Boat was fun.  – Ari Eriksson

This trip has been one of the most influential life experiences and I would like to thank everyone that was a part of it. I will never forget the trip and will always treasure the new lessons, skills, and friends I gathered on this trip.  – Tim Bateman

All of the lessons and experiences I have had onboard the Robert C. Seamans cannot be summed up in just two sentences. Thank you for this opportunity to everyone who made it possible. I had the time of my life.  – Audrey White

Thank you for this amazing experience! These memories will last forever, there are not enough words to explain everything that has happened. We have created a wonderful community over the past 6 weeks, thank you!  – Maya Thompson

What an incredible voyage, and one that’s not easy to describe. My favorite part about the next few weeks will be explaining to friends and family what happened on this trip and reliving it all at the same time.  – Sam Nadell

Sailing with this crew through the most fascinating place in the world, the South Pacific, has been an experience that I’ll never stop thinking about. From now on, through my studies of marine and terrestrial sciences, I will strive to do more open ocean research and more sailing! I’m going to miss the trip and the experience so much – thanks for everything, y’all!  – Michael Torselli

There is something to be said about escaping the world for a little bit and exploring uncharted territory... I don’t know what it is but there is something. To the ocean, the hard work, the people, the conversations, the sun, the moon and the stars, thank you.  ¬ Maria Cristina Henning

As quickly as our journey began, it has sadly come to an end. It has been one amazing ride and I have enjoyed every moment with this wonderful group of people. Let our adventures never end.  – Nicole Harbordt

This morning I juiced every remaining citrus fruit on the ship and created the world’s most delicious breakfast with our phenomenal steward, Vickie! I’ll remember all the great meals, the freezing southern passage, tropical fruits, swim calls, rocking to sleep in my bouncy bunk in the fo’c’sle, and most of all the boat family I’ve come to love so much.  – Avalon Bunge

I can’t thank everyone enough for the incredible experiences of the past six weeks at sea. Thank you for the sunrises, the sunsets, the star frenzies, the laughter and good humor, the music, the smoking and jokin’ on the quarterdeck, the sierra charlies and sails in Gene, the bananas, coconuts, hammocks, squall faces, dolphins, whales… And thank you most of all to the crew for their commitment, humility, patience, knowledge, and creativity – an inspiration to everyone here.  – Sophie Davis

Never before have I learned so much every day and night. Led by  the sun and the stars, our curiosity, and our community, we have voyaged far together. May we bring this curiosity and compassion to everything we do.  – Arthur Davis

Never before have I felt so supported and loved by so many people at once. We all have each other's' backs and always will. Thank you everyone.  – Matt Hemler

“There is nothing over which a free man ponders less than death; his wisdom is to meditate not on death, but on life.” – Spinoza

The end of a great experience takes me to the beginning of a new life as a better man. Keep enjoying the stars, the sunrises, the simple things of life. Thank you all for everything. Enjoy life and keep in touch my S258 brothers.  – Santiago Botia


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#1. Posted by Andy Davis on May 05, 2015

Thank you for your stories, your wisdom and your openness to sharing all of these amazing experiences with those of us bound to the land.  You have widened my horizons with your words, your pictures and your kindness. Looking forward to hearing more in the days and weeks ahead as you arrive at home.  Best wishes and smooth sailing.

#2. Posted by Pat Harbordt on May 06, 2015

Thank you S258 students for sharing with us a few moments of this awe inspiring adventure through your words and eyes.  Beautiful posts, beautiful pictures.  Best wishes to all of you as you return to civilization.
Pat Harbordt

#3. Posted by MONICA DURAN on May 06, 2015

Nice to read all yu guys everyday!



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