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SEA Currents: Robert C. Seamans

July 08, 2019

The Voyage Begins!


The students of S-287, Protecting the Phoenix Islands, all arrived safely aboard the SSV Robert C. Seamans in American Samoa, and spent a very busy several days conducting safety drills and getting to know the ship before departing Pago Pago. The ship is now underway, and we look forward to receiving student blog posts, which we will share as soon as they are received.

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#1. Posted by Richard Guo on July 08, 2019

Great! Have a good journey!

Enjoy wind, wave, fish, blue sky, star, environment study, everything.

Eager to read daily student blog

#2. Posted by Adrienne Simoni on July 09, 2019

Hi Michelle,  Hope you are enjoying yourself and learning!  Miss you can’t wait to hear about your adventures!
Love you,

#3. Posted by Anne Heinen on July 10, 2019

What an exciting voyage!  I hope the steward is getting some assistance.  I hear she has a good reputation for keeping everyone well fed.

#4. Posted by Marie Simoni on July 10, 2019

Have an amazing time everyone!!

So proud and excited to hear about all of your adventures.

#5. Posted by Carmen Norman on July 11, 2019

I know you all must be a LITTLE BUSY (HEEHEE) but find sometime to share this incredible adventure!!!!

I am so curious to know what your answer would be if any one asked you now: “IF GOING TO A DESERTED ISLE, WHAT WOULD YOU TAKE WITH YOU.”  I know is an age old question ergo, I ask.

Proud of all of you!

#6. Posted by Catherine Hughes on July 16, 2019


I am really enjoying all of the posts; they are so well-written.  Keep them coming.  Have a wonderful adventure!

Miss you, Anna!  Looking forward to hearing more about this amazing experience when I see you!




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