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August 05, 2018

(The Second) Sunday Funday!

Jaden Damassiotis & Patrick Boyer , East Providence High School & Flagler Palm Coast High School

SEA Semester

Swimming at Racing Beach.

Today was a day for leisure, recreation, and taking it easy. Our day started off normally enough, except for the fact that we could finally sleep in after a long week of fun, we got up around 10:15 and ate brunch. After that we did some tie-dye, which was fairly quick.

Later we went to either the town or the beach for two hours, it was quite the fun afternoon, those who went into town got ice cream and those who went to the beach swam in the warm waters. When everyone came back we took a bit to relax, and after a few hours we went up to the Madden Center to eat pizza and watch Dr. Strange and Mean Girls. All in all it was a pretty great day and we're excited for what tomorrow has in store!

- Jaden Damassiotis from East Providence High School
- Patrick Boyer from Flagler Palm Coast High School

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