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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

August 25, 2017

The Return of the Main Engine

Laura Rea, Procurement Officer, Social Media and Public Outreach Officer

Cramer Yard 2017

It’s getting down to the final push here in Cramer MMP! More and more SEA Crew have been flooding into the Crosby house, giving us numbers upwards of thirty to help put the ship back together.

The deck team has been - you guessed it - painting! But things are getting exciting, because more and more, those paint coats have been of top coat! The spreaders on the foremast are currently getting a fresh layer of black top coat, and the entire mast has been sanded and is now ready to paint. The rigging team continues their block party, although Ryan and Foretek have emphatically informed me that it is definitely not a “party”. Instead, they spend their time “reorganizing, repainting, and rebuilding” blocks. Sounds like a block party to me. They sure do have cause to celebrate though, as the team is now preparing the standing rigging to be reinstalled on the ship.

The carpentry team has been cleaning up Marty’s mess. In order to rerun a lot of the wiring, lots of wood on the ship had to get torn out. Amy, Christine, and Gina, our lovely carpenters, have been working hard to get all the wood back in ship-shape. Additionally, they are helping the science department build new shelves for the science hold.

Engineering has the biggest news of all! The main engine is back. AND all the welding on the hull has been completed. That’s right, folks, Cramer no longer has holes in the bottom, and has an engine. Additionally, a brand-spankin’ new deck generator has arrived, and was just lifted into the ship so it can be reinstalled. In other exciting news, the Cramer is no longer soulless. She now has just bits and pieces of a sole. This morning, the flooring company came in and poured brand-new epoxy floor into the galley, forward heads, and forward shower. It looks SO good. Dry stores is also starting to get rebuilt, and the watermakers are being reinstalled! It really seems like, slowly but surely, Cramer Boat is getting put back together again.

Science is having a blast (as always) putting the wiring back into the new computer cabinet. They are teaming up with engineering to run wires through the ship, and are also reinstalling the backup power for the computers on board. Other side projects are also coming along, like repairing all the nets, and Clare (also known as Chair?) is helping them move around power outlets in the lab.

With the influx of new people, the Crosby house is getting fuller and fuller. Almost every bed is occupied, and our stewards are working hard to keep such a large team well-fed. So far they are doing an excellent job - we are all enjoying six excellent meals a day, so that we can all work on our robust and boaty physiques. In fact, last night was Taco Thursday, a dinner so delicious that even our friend Crusty scampered in to say hello and beg for some taco meat.

In other news, there is another red and white sailboat in yard! The Spirit of South Carolina has been hauled out in Front Street, looking a lot like a miniature Cramer. We’ll be sure to keep a sharp lookout around Belfast for some new schooner bums to make friends with. I hear that boat people are fun to hang out with, anyways.

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