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August 03, 2018

The Noisy Ocean & Ancient Rocks

Emma Baker & Brooke Cain , Canyon High School & Ballard High School

SEA Semester

Paleoclimatology Lab

We started off our day with breakfast and went straight to Oceans and Society class. We discussed the creation of cargo ships and the impact they have on today's society. This discussion was closely related to our lesson about marine mammal sounds and noise pollution.

We learned about how much marine mammals depend on sound to survive and how traffic in the ocean such as cargo ships, interfere with their environment, sometimes causing them to die. Not only did we learn about noise pollution, but we also visited a WHOI geological laboratory where researchers study ancient hurricanes to try and predict future weather changes due to an ever changing climate.

The pictures are from the laboratory we visited and the archive of samples including coral pictured.

- Emma Baker Canyon High School
- Brooke Cain Ballard High School

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