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July 28, 2018

The Leading Light of Nobska Point

Ben Moya & Nick Colinderes, Teaneck High School & Greater Grace Christian Academy

SEA Semester

Above: Nobska Lighthouse; below: The group climbs down to the water from Nobska Light.

Nobska point lighthouse has provided sailors and captains the guiding light that they need for navigation for almost two-hundred years. Here is a little history on the lighthouse and the keepers houses. The lighthouse was built in 1828. The first blueprints included the lighthouse inside the keeper’s house. This was for ease of access, unfortunately it made the lighthouse unstable. Later, new blueprints were created so that the lighthouse was separate from the actual keepers building. However, at one point or another, the keeper eventually had a hallway and a sidewalk installed  so that he could reach the lighthouse without actually ever having to go outside. The hallway was later destroyed. Whereas most blueprints are dated, the destruction of the hallways was never found. Around 1876, the lighthouse was completely refurbished, and the keepers house was destroyed and rebuilt. Later on, a second keepers house was added to help lighten the load of the one keeper and his family. Even later they were connected.

The Nobska lighthouse stands at about forty-nine feet and overlooks the Elizabethan islands, Marthas Vineyard, Nantucket Island. As we explored the history of the keepers house and the lighthouse itself, we were introduced to some breathtaking views of the islands and part of the Atlantic Ocean.

- Ben Moya, Teaneck High School
- Nick Colinderes, Greater Grace Christian Academy

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