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SEA Currents: Robert C. Seamans

November 02, 2017

The Happy Sad Times

Joshua Jolly, C-Watch, University of Denver


Faith, Amy, and Claire stoked to see some dolphins!

Current Position
Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Ship’s Heading & Speed

Cloudy day with Force 6 winds throughout. Cold with temperature dropping to 18°C and rising to 20°C. The sun peaked through in the middle of the day, however, was quickly covered by clouds.   

Souls on Board

SEA Stories Podcast

Today was the first day we were able to set eyes on land after 10 days, and it was miraculous. Despite the incredible calculations and the spirit of B-watch, they were not the first to see New Zealand; Rather, it was C-watch, with Graeme giving the loudest “Land-Ho!!” he could as he was the first to see it.

It continued to be an exciting day as we got closer to land. After discussing the seemingly mythical Albatross bird, we actually encountered five today. With wingspans that can span up to 128 inches, these birds were actually amazing. As we stared at these birds, we continued to approach the large land mass of New Zealand

Today was also my day to be the Junior Watch Officer. Luckily, it was a pretty relaxed day. I only had to remember to swap lookout, helmsman, and the person who was doing boat checks and plotting position. I had to remember wake ups for the next watch, all of the chores for morning watch, and when Graeme had to go back to dish. I had to regularly check the weather and the radars, check-in with Captain Jay whenever weather changed, and log everything that was changed. I also had to call setting the Tops’l, probably the most fun out of everything. It didn’t go awfully and I enjoyed feeling like I was in charge of this 6.5 million dollar vessel.

As we began to enter the bay, you could hear the screech from the bow where some students were preparing to take down sail…“DOLPHINS!!” Everyone rushed to the starboard side of the boat to see, until someone yelled “Dolphins” from the port side. The back and forth between the sides of the boats went on for about 10 minutes as we watched two dolphins playing in the wake of our ship.

We finally settled in a nice cove within the bay where we dropped anchor and enjoyed the view of the bay. We began to realize that our fantastic journey on the vessel we now call our home is swiftly coming to an end. Even though many of us will enjoy being back on solid ground, all of us will be sad when the day comes to leave the Robert C. Seamans; however, we have done and will continue to enjoy every day on the lovely ship.

Happy Birthday Mum! Love and miss you!

- Joshua

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#1. Posted by Joshua Jolly on November 03, 2017

Thank you sweetie love you too can’t wait to hear about everything xxx

#2. Posted by Take &Nain; on November 06, 2017

It’s been great following your travels over the past month, look forward to speaking to you soon and seeing all your photos of the trip.Hope you are still doing all the press ups and we saw The All Blacks win against the Barbarians this weekend at Twickenham.,you would have enjoyed the game.



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