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August 04, 2018

The Great Charade

Max Schneider-White & Nick Colindres-Tamara, Germantown Friends School & Greater Grace Christian Academy

SEA Semester

Above: A tough game of charades; below:Jaden, Max, Brooke, and Patrick discuss the issues with their town's water; RAs Emma, Sophie, and Ruth, and our Steward Jamie are ready to act as wait staff for the dinner party.

The grogginess and the weird morning taste in our mouths were what greeted us on this seemingly average morning. Languidly we pulled ourselves out of bed to a breakfast of assorted fruits and cereals. After chores, it was time to haul de-fog our eyes and haul ourselves to the Madden center in time for our first class. By the time we made it up there, we were for the most part ready for our first class, Oceanography. Oceans and Society followed and finally, LUNCHTIME!!!!

A nice meal of cornbread, chili, grilled cheese, and watermelon. Things really took off from here. We had a short free time, an hour and a half at most. We were told we had to meet at the Madden center (the main building) for a "surprise game". No one knew what to really expect, but we walked in and the game began. We were split up into teams: two of campers and one of counselors, to play a game of charades.

For the first round we could describe the thing written with words: after that it got progressively harder, until we were acting them out under a blanket. The other highlight was the History Mystery dinner, where we had to unravel the mystery of a blight plaguing a small fishing community (spoiler alert, there were too many nutrients in the water). After a dessert of brownies, went went to study and retire for the night.

- Max Schneider-White, Germantown Friends School
- Nick Colindres-Tamara, Greater Grace Christian Academy

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