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SEA Currents: Robert C. Seamans

October 31, 2015

Thanks-ween: A day of adventure on the open seas

Hannah Marty, A Watch, Carleton College


Hannah enjoying a quarter deck cup of tea.

27°04.7’ S x 175°50.1’E

between Fiji and New Zealand

Sunny with a crisp wind and decreasing temperatures. Wind from the south, force 3.

Souls on Board

Today was a mash-up of everyone’s favorite fall holidays with appearances from Saint Balentine and plans for Secret Santa’s being hashed out, so we made sure to cover all of our holiday bases. I was assistant steward today, so my day started just after sunrise to chop pineapple and cut up servings of breakfast for the people. After that I escaped from the galley for nearly the only time today to enjoy a cup of tea while cuddled warmly in my sleeping bag on the starboard side of the ship which is becoming one of my favorite places to be. The rest of the day was spent working on creating a yummy Thanksgiving dinner and trying to come up with a good Halloween costume (I’m sad to report that my costume was one of the least exciting, but it did turn out to be nice and practically warm-thanks to my Minnesotan Halloween costume training).
By far the most exciting part of the day by far was the second half of the day, starting with our costume contest. Costumes ranged from a message-in-a-bottle, to a classic pirate, to mimicry of the crew, to me in my sleeping bag thinking I made a great sea slug-though everyone seemed to think I was something else. Guesses for what I was included a copepod and a caterpillar. I thought the lack of appendages was a good hint, but I guess I didn’t play the part quite convincingly enough. After voting for best costume, most creative costume, and most scary costume we laughed and talked and took photos. A little bit in we heard an alarm from below and all of the crew vanished below to solve the problem. We thought nothing of it as we trust the crew and alarms go off for things from low water pressure to real big problems, so it easily could have been one of the former. It soon became clear that this was no normal alarm though. We were taken one watch at a time down into the ship via the forward lobby doors where it became clear to us that the inside of the ship had been transported to another dimension where things went bump in the night, grabbed at you from the dark, made scary noises with tools, and cobwebs abounded. It was fantastic. We laughed and screamed our way through the dark, ending in the aft cabin where we were eventually fetched to consume Halloween candy and find out which crew member had been which bump in the night.
After a short break for us galley folk to finish cooking dinner and set it all out I rang the bell for dinner. We had a great family style dinner with all of us squished around the tables and enjoying the meal and company. The day finished with all of us back on the deck watching another beautiful sunset over the open ocean and commenting on how happy we all feel to be a part of this community and to be able to share times like Thanks-ween and sunsets with our ship and shipmates. I know I for one cannot comprehend how quickly this Fiji to New Zealand transit and the whole semester are going. Time seems to be flying by, and each day is packed with learning, laughter, and beautiful moments that I know I won’t forget any time soon.

- Hannah

PS. Hey friends and family, in case you hadn’t noticed in earlier group photos: I cut off all of my hair! See you when I see you! Hugs!




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