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December 08, 2015

Taking On All Deck & Lab Responsibilities

Jennifer Dong, Grinnell College

Oceans & Climate

*one-two-* THREE METERS! *nailed it.*

Western Tropical North Atlantic - Hopefully?

Towards Orion when it raises while Polaris is off our starboard.

Supposedly 4.5 knots? About the equivalent of twice the speed it takes to walk fore to aft.

Weather / Wind
The temperature is climbing. The sun is shining. Sunscreen is our friend.

Souls on Board

Today marks the day that we entered the third and final phase of our deck and lab responsibilities. We've begun to acquire the fond titles of "J-WO" and "J-LO" to signify the shipmate who will be the designated junior watch/lab officer for the watch. That's right- the location and safety of 30 people rests on alternating students that began their sailing experience about a month ago. Luckily, our mates, scientists and trusty captain assure us that they will swoop in should something seem wrong. It's crazy to think how much we've learned in this past month and how much more there is to learn!

Also, we've begun Polynesian Navigation! Essentially, we navigate our way through the waters by watching the sun's location, tracking shadows, paying attention to the waves/wind and following the stars. It's amazing how many patterns you notice when you cover up the instruments, such as GPS (still on for safety) and the compass (our newest development). 

While I'm sure many of my friends wouldn't trade their abroad experiences, I can definitely say this program is one of a kind. While it can be hard during watch regardless of whether you are working on deck with sail handling and calculating positions or in lab trying to make sure deployments go smoothly, I know I will look back and say that this semester has really been amazing. We're constantly pushed to be right outside of our comfort zone, forcing us to grow. While I may not feel completely confident in myself for the J-WO/J-LO phase, it's good to know that my shipmates and teachers will be alongside me to make sure I make it through my own personal squall (even if I only learn from making a few mistakes along the way).

It'll be weird to come back to land and get to listen to music whenever I want and use the internet again. Being on board makes all of that seem so unnecessary. I had the chance to use my phone the other day to listen to music while cleaning touch screens. They blow my mind now. Anyway, I wanted to wish a wonderful and happy birthday to my mother! Shout out to you, Mom! I love you and miss everyone back home. Hope you've had a great day and that you see my post in time.

Hoping for some force 5 winds to take us home,

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#1. Posted by Jennifer Kenyon on December 10, 2015

12/10.  Checking in and reading that things are going well.  Observing your position on the map indicates land in a week or less.  Hope you get some rest soon. Love Mom and Dad



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