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July 29, 2018

Sunday Funday

Kat Seabury & Brooke Cain, Norfolk Aggie & Ballard Highschool

SEA Semester

Above: The group prepares for bowling outing; below: Max, Jaden, and Kat play chess.

Today was the first non-academic day of the program and of course everyone was very excited! We started the day at 9:45, a major difference from the usual 7:30. Jamie also made us a wonderful brunch and we left soon after to go candlepin bowling, which has smaller pins and balls. The group could not agree on whether or not the smaller sizes made it easier. Some liked the different type of bowling, others not so much. But, everyone still had fun and enjoyed playing together.

We then went into Falmouth to shop and eat. While going around town, two students found a public chessboard and began a *long* game of chess lasting over half and hour! Among the many interesting shops, there were restaurants, ice cream/candy stores, a comic-book store, boutiques, and souvinere shops. Since we all brought our own lunch, none of us actually went out to get food. Some of us did end up buying candy though. While exploring the comic book shop, we found everything from old school film strips to comic posters. Overall, today was a great day to go out and have fun as a group.

- Kat Seabury, Norfolk Aggie
- Brooke Cain, Ballard Highschool

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