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July 08, 2018

Sunday Funday!

Lia Nachtiga & Kristin Zunino, Brookline High School & Avon Grove Charter School

SEA Semester

Above: Ivy meets a giant lobster in Woods Hole; below: a beautiful afternoon at Racing Beach; SEASCapers tour SEA's ship, the SSV Corwith Cramer.

First matter of business: tour the SEA ship, the Corwith Cramer. There was so much to look at. The laboratory (where students and crew studied microscopic plankton and water chemistry), the focs’l (the front of the ship), the main salon (eating, studying, and sleeping room), the galley (kitchen), the aft cabin (the captain’s quarters,) and the quarter deck (helm). We ran into multiple crew members who greeted us and taught us a bit about the ship, such as learning about the navigation technology and traditional charts which are still used today. It was extremely interesting, and took up a good two hours of the town visit.

There was a lot of excitement after visiting the vessel. After parting ways, our little group of five (Elizabeth, Kristin, Ivy, Suzu, and I) wandered the streets of the tiny town. Chatting and joking around, we passed a giant lobster statue for some photos and the full tourist appeal.

Unfortunately most of the shops and attractions, such as the aquarium for example, were closed for Sunday. But that didn’t stop our little troop from enjoying ourselves! After eating lunch outside, we continued exploring among the docks, cafes, and tourist shops (Sadly I couldn’t actually find a deck of cards) until we decided to sit for a little. And the ice cream shops and coffee places remained open! So eating our treats and later, sitting in the little coffee shop across the street and playing cards pretty much ends the trip.

Once we came back from our day of exploring with the wild group of friends most of us walked to Racing Beach, well the rest (Suzu, Lia, Ivy, and Elizabeth) stayed on campus to play games. The directions of the ten minute walk was stuck in my head from visiting so often; once I got there I understood why. The green water felt nice on our feet, the satisfying carbon monoxide filled pneumocystis  popping between my fingers, and the slippery rocks of the high tide was unexpected. We swam our way against the longshore current, as Hazel went snorkeling to find critters.

After dinner we all gathered outside to meet of RAs for exploratory. Tonight’s activity was a scavenger hunt of clues that will eventually have us running around trying to find Jamie. She asked us “what would you do for a klondike bar”, as my group proceeded to tie ropes together and have a giant jump roping crew. Long story short we got last place, which I am very proud of! Plus ice cream. But what we did find was old sextant that measures a star, sun, or the moon with the horizon line. With a little bit of math added you can find the coordinates of your location. The sextant is very confusing and honestly I still don’t know how it works.
Tonight we have study hall, then watching incredible, and ending with a cozy night’s sleep.

- Lia Nachtigal (Brookline High School) and Kristin Zunino (Avon Grove Charter School)

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