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December 20, 2019

Steward Finally, T.H.T.F, and SURPRISE!

Muriel Bingham, Stony Brook University


Below: JWO (Junior Watch Officer) Style; Above: STYROCAST

Current Position
18° 20.4’ N x 064° 47.9’ W (a.k.a Pillsbury Sound)

Current Speed

Current Sail Plan
Clear customs and move to Rendezvous Bay

Souls on board

Welcome to another episode of Muriel’s Blog Post! Many things have happened as y’all have been reading these posts, so here are some more! Back on December 18, I finally had the wonderful experience of being the assistant steward in galley all day. It started off pretty easy because we were still docked in Antigua; the rough part was being underway and getting seasick. The food planned for the day was a marvelous selection, picked out by yours truly, and everyone loved it! I started the morning at 0440 because sleeping gets in the way of people eating haha. Breakfast consisted of fried eggs, my very own homemade home fries, and some granola with yogurt. Everyone loved my home fries. They were such a big hit that Cody, the steward, said they were better than his! Shout out to everyone at home who’s tried my home-fries before!

Right after breakfast was over, we had to immediately start prepping for midnight snack and parts of dinner. Midnight snack was a raspberry tart kind of thing with a cookie-ish base. The cookie base was annoying to make because the crumbs needed to be a specific size before kneading them into a cookie sheet. However, making the raspberry topping was so much fun! The recipe called for using your fingers to mix the ingredients. Don’t ask me why, but boy was that a blast! We then baked it all together and set it to cool and cut later.

Then came the big challenge of the day: focaccia bread. This bread is the most tedious thing I have ever made in my life! This bread was a formidable opponent! First, we had to add extra flour in the mixing bowl so the dough stopped sticking to the sides, while also using a COLD hand to mix the ingredients together. Then we had to stretch this dough not once, but twice in different directions, letting the first stretch sit for thirty minutes and the second stretch sit for an hour. After cutting this massive bread into seven pieces, we put it in olive oil and finger poked it to spread out the bread to the corners, not pushing/pulling or stretching. This dough put up a good fight, but in the end, Cody and I were the victors and baked the bread for dinner.

This was about the time we got underway, thank God! I didn’t think I would have survived being in the galley making that bread. Cody gave me a good break to catch my breath, cool down, and get some air in hopes of feeling better later. Apples and a multitude of spreads were for morning snack because he wanted me to be able to fully function for making afternoon snack and dinner. I was up laying in the shade on deck for a couple hours, making small stops down to galley to check in quickly. Lunch was my version of Shipotle, but the pork wasn’t done in time so that was going to be used later for dinner.

Now, to the best afternoon snack made on this trip so far: BUFFALO CHICKEN DIP! Making this dip for a huge amount of people was a little challenging, but Cody helped me with ratios for our group and it all turned out really well! Everyone was so stoked to see the dip and ate too much too quickly, thinking they’ll regret it later, but still kept going for it! My shipmates devoured it within 20 minutes!

Since we’d already finished most of the dinner prep, all that was left for me to do was cut up the lettuce for salad and the toppings to go along with it. We made roasted pork with peas, corn, and a side of focaccia bread with olive oil and balsamic dip. People raved about the pork seasoning and how moist it was! The seasoning was left over from my home fries, along with some spices Cody threw together. Overall, my day felt made. Everyone was happy with the food we made and it made me feel happy.

The next morning, I finally made my Turk’s head (a bracelet)! I’ve been bugging Christine about a task on the boat to earn my Turk’s head all trip! Once we all earned it, for our watch meeting we learned how to finally make it! B Watch all has black sine twine either wrapped around their ankles or their wrists! THE TURKS HEAD TASK FORCE IS COMPLETE! I have left over twine so I’m going to be making one for a special someone if they want it when I come back home. I still have to burn my knot though, to make sure that it stays on. I feel accomplished and satisfied!

So, we aren’t in Barbuda…………we’re in ST. JOHN!


Weather wasn’t favorable for us to visit and do a fun snorkel, so the professional crew and captain Greg looked around the area to see which island would be a good idea for a surprise. While we were underway to St. John, we did something called a styrocast. This is when everyone aboard decorates Styrofoam cups in sharpie, put them in panty hose, and attach them to our CTD and send them below to 1,800 meters! This is our fun version of science, proving how increasing depth increases pressure, thus making bigger things smaller!

As our journey comes to a close end, I have reflected on all my adventures over the past month and can honestly say this was the best decision of my life. I’ve experienced new places, new cultures, new ways of living, and it’s all going to stay very near and dear to me. I will never forget this great adventure in my life, nor the people who’ve I’ve become quite close with over the few months I’ve known them.

Thank you for tuning in to my last episode of underway. I look forward to sharing my adventures once I am home and seeing friends and family for the holidays. I will oh so much miss all my friends from SEA and my professors as well. Enjoy the last few blog posts outside world; they’re going to be good ones.


- Muriel Bingham, Stony Brook University class of 2020

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