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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

March 12, 2019

Soaking Up Every Moment

June Eikland, A Watch, Boston University


Above: Sunset over the Caribbean; below: group photo Alligator Head Foundation; bow watch.

Current Location
19 degrees 06.8” N x 080 degrees 25.1” W

Winds ENE BF5, Skies are 3/8ths Cu.

Souls on board

My day began with a gentle wake up at 6 am by Alle, "Good morning June, it's 6 am. You have breakfast in 20 minutes, then after that you have watch. The weather is very nice outside." It's wonderful being able to plop right into bed without needing to turn on an alarm.

I ate a scrumptious breakfast prepared by our vibrant stewards and today's lovely assistant steward Delphine. Then it was off to watch! We did a lot of sail handling and our team's Jwo, Junior Watch Officer Andrew, did a great job! He's practically been a Jwo since the beginning, helping us along the way. My absolute favorite part about watch is standing lookout. At lookout, it's just you, your thoughts, maybe some singing, the ocean below and the sky above. Today our two swallows accompanied me at looking, perching on the headrig.

Our dear migrating friends have stayed with us all day! At home there are always birds about; it's incredible how excited we all get when we see a bird while out at sea. Every day I feel myself living more presently, soaking up every moment.

I'm so grateful for this opportunity and all of the people who are aboard this ship. "It was to break down the habit of mind that makes exceptions and desires special treatment. To replace it with a habit of heart called unity," (Harvey Oxenhorn). One of the most wonderful things about this program is the feeling of becoming immersed and in sync with it. When I first boarded the Corwith Cramer, it was a constant emotional rollercoaster and all those rules would frustrate the heck out of me. Now I feel the freedom in it.

But now my dear blog readers, it's time for bed, and I can't wait for my gentle wake up for night watch.

- June Eikland, A Watch, Boston University

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#1. Posted by Anne-Lise Eikeland on March 17, 2019

Å så koselig og lese hva du har opplevd og lært på denne turen Farmor så stolt av deg.Gleder meg til besøk hjemme hos meg i Norge.Da kommer du til og måtte fortelle masse fra denne opplevelses turen.Kjempe klem frafarmor Anne-Lise Eikeland❤️❤️❤️



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