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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

November 15, 2019

Snorkel Survey and Water Grubs

Natalie Summers & Ollie Downes


Above: Waterlemon Cay snorkel survey; Below: Annaberg Plantation ruins; On the beach ready for action

Present Location
18° 21.7’ N x 064° 44.9’ W

Ship’s Heading, Speed and sail plan
At Anchor

Clear blue skies and rainbows

Souls on board

From beach to asphalt to jungle, within ten minutes we conquered all these elements on our way to the old sugarcane mill. The rotting wooden steps that we needed to traverse the hillside were the final obstacle in our way until we reach the old, run down entrance of our destination. We walked in to see piles of rubble guarded by tarantula holes that were at least 2 inches in width. As we walked past the old sentinel trees and into the mill itself, to starboard we spotted an old deep cooking pot that we were attracted to like tarpon to a flashlight. The pot was filled with a delicious stew of algae, fat tadpoles, and aliens suspended in a watery green liquid. 

Upon closer inspection they weren’t actually aliens though. Sadly but coolily. Ollie, who has sauce that no one ate, went in with his giant jungle stick and fished out the juicy grub like creature. He plopped it onto the edge of the ruinous pot and we observed it wiggle and flop. It was almost leach like. The moment the grub had the chance. “The grub lunged quickly out at Nick and almost killed him by injecting him with green toxic venom squirted and trickling down out by its mouth.” That last sentence might have been a dramatic interpretation of what happened. Any way we all survived and continued to head over to class by our history professor (Maria Jose Fernandez – MJ) by the cliff face looking over the pristine Caribbean ocean.

After that adventure we went to the beach and on a turtle hike through the mangroves which looped us back to the beach to a comforting view of the Cramer. Port and starboard watch split up in groups and some went back to the boat to work whilst other had the day off to explore and lay lazily on the beach like sunbathing lizards.

- Natalie, B watch, and Ollie, A watch

PS:  shout-out to family and friends back home and Natalie’s gold fish that are missed

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