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July 03, 2015

Sippewissett Salt Marsh and Fun in lab!

Hilary Merriam, Branham High School

SEA Semester

Above: Kenneth, Oriana, Emma and others work with the auger at Sippewissett Salt Marsh. Below, top: Eleanor working on the ocean acidification lab. Below, bottom: Dante, Richard, Robert and Hannah study ocean acidification.

Yesterday, we went to Sippewissett Salt Marsh and explored (scientifically, of course) all of the tide pools, eddies, and banks. We saw so many different species of plant, animal, algae, and even a sponge! After capturing and documenting these wonderful organisms, we released them back where we caught them, and took core samples of the ground. After packing up, we all walked to the beach and many of us got in the water to cool off.

And then today, the best day of classes so far(In my opinion)! We started the day in the usual way, waking up, shower rush, breakfast. We then had classes. Today’s classes were special in the best way. We had a lab on ocean acidification and completely blew ourselves out of breath. After a brief lecture on the subject, we returned to the lab for another experiment. In this one, we made CO2 using yeast and warm water. The CO2  was piped into glass bottles with delicate instruments to measure pH and CO2  levels. Some of the equipment was a bit trippy and didn’t give accurate readings, but mostly we saw that sea water’s pH goes down (more acidic) when CO2 is added. After lunch, we had a fun game modeling real life fisheries using goldfish crackers, shells, and skewers. With this model, we saw that fisheries have to be carefully monitored to remain sustainable. During free time, a group went to the beach, people read, slept, and watched shows together. After dinner, we had study hall and an exploratory. Tonight’s exploratory was about navigating using the stars. Those of us with smart-phones downloaded an app to see the stars in real time with labels. A shout out to Emma, who turned 17 today! Happy Birthday!


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#1. Posted by bjolyle on July 06, 2015

Your description of the day was great.  You traveled from the salt of the earth in a marsh to the stars above all in one day…with time at the beach as well.  Good to know there is an app to make the stars easier to read…I need that app!

Happy B-Day to Emma.



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