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July 25, 2017

Sippewissett Salt Marsh

Elsie DiLisio & Elizabeth Gutierrez, Monument Mountain Regional High School & South High School, Denver

SEA Semester

Katarina, Mira, Juliette, and Nina hunt for critters in Sippewissett Salt Marsh.

Today, our 2nd day of SEAScape, and actually our first full day, we took a field trip to the Sippewissett salt marsh. After arriving by shuttle, we explored the extensive marsh, and collected samples of critters such as crabs, minnows, shrimp, pike fish, and other aquatic species that we were able to find and catch with nets. After exploring the winding streams and ponds full of diverse organisms we deposited all that were found into buckets, making sure to separate larger crabs, and potential natural predators from smaller creatures, so as to ensure the survival of as many organisms as possible. Finally then transporting the critters back with us to the SEA campus, where we then transitioned them into aquarium tanks to hold them. This was a fun and educational field trip, and it helped us get to know the area better, as well as being an interesting field experience for marine biology and oceanography.

After a cold day at the marsh and dinner, which was great, we got together to count up the group and started heading to our leadership meeting. As a group, we brainstormed what the characteristics of a team member and a leader would be. We were put to trial and asked to display leadership with no leader. Conflicted at first, my peers step up and showed that the isn’t only one leader. We all look up to a certain person in every one of our groups when trying to arrange ourselves by our favorite colors. What stood out the most was our last challenge: organize a bowl, spork, tea bag, pepper, and toothpick into the precise model Liz had made. Each of us was assigned a role: looker, runner and two builders. The hardest of all, at least to me, was the runner. Frustrated after a running a few times to the looker for description, our team member almost lost it. The tension in the room was high with the constant no’s until a group finally solved the puzzle, detail is everything! At the end of the exercise, I think many of us realized the importance of teamwork and leadership, although we almost wanted to pull our hair out.

- Elsie and Elizabeth

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