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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer



Setting most of the sails on the Cramer

Chris Coulouvatos, Hamilton College
Ocean Exploration

View from aloft

19° 40.8’ N x 056° 54.9’ W

Description of location
Transition zone


4 knots

Weather / Wind
E, beaufort force 3, Sea E 3ft. Sunny and warm and partly cloudy


Souls on Board

Hello everyone! Today was a special day.  During the night while most of the ship was sleeping and only the dawn watch was up we moved from the south Sargasso Sea to the transition zone. The transition zone is in between the south Sargasso sea and the Tropics. That means that we moved one step closer to our destination, Grenada. As we are moving south the weather is getting hotter and hotter. On deck the sun is burning especially for morning and afternoon watch but when it's windy you can't feel the heat.

A second reason why this day is special is because during class time we had the chance to set sails that we never had before or we hadn't had much experience with. With the help of our Captain Jason and the mates we were able to set the course sail, the top sail, the fisherman's sail and finally the raffee. We had only set the top sail a few times and the fisherman once. The sail that I liked most was the raffee. Most of the crew calls it the party hat because its located all the way on the top and it has a triangular shape like a party hat. It was so amazing seeing the Cramer sail with most of the sails up even for such a short time.

Finally after class finished, we continued on our course and I went aloft with Jack and Isaiah  up to the top yard. It was my first time up on the top yard I had only gone up to the course yard a couple of times. Once we got up there it was incredible we could look around and we would only see clouds and the ocean for twelve nautical miles towards each direction. It really made me think that I probably won't get another chance to go up to that high and look around to only see ocean for miles and miles. We found out that some of our conversations could be heard on deck which we were not expecting. We are on our last ten days of open ocean since we will be reaching Grenada so I will try to enjoy it as much as I can.


PS: To my mom dad and my sister I miss you and I can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks.

Categories: Corwith Cramer,Ocean Exploration, • Topics: c275  life at sea  sailing  study abroad • (4) Comments


#1. Posted by Beth Reuman on November 09, 2017

Nothing quite like (nearly) full sails and scampering up the mast!  So glad you’re all savoring these amazing and unique moments.

#2. Posted by Mina Moraitou on November 09, 2017

What an amazing image!! enjoy the rest of your time.
Mas leipeis

#3. Posted by Mina Moraitou on November 09, 2017

What an amazing image. Enjoy the rest of time at sea Christo
Mas leipeis

O Yannis ekane tapa ston Lebron kai eixe 16 sta 21. foveros alla xasame

#4. Posted by C. Coulouvatos on November 10, 2017

What a wonderful experience. Every day we look forward to reading this blog and the unfolding of this journey.. Christo we miss you and look forward to seeing you soon. Dad



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