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SEA Currents: Robert C. Seamans

March 08, 2019

Seattle Weather for a Seattle Girl

Katey Christianson, C Watch, Boston University


Spending my 21st with some zooplankton buddies in the lab.

Current Position
42 degrees 03.945’S x 178 degrees 55.906’E. 1431 NM Traveled.

Ship’s Heading & Speed
115 degrees and 7kts

Wind is out of the NExE at a Force 4. Sea is out of the NNE with 5 feet waves. There is 8/8ths of clouds, mainly cumulus and stratus. 1018.1 millibars. 21.2 degrees C. Currently sailing under the four lowers.

Souls on board

Today is my 21st birthday. It’s not exactly the way I envisioned it, but I’m not complaining. Open ocean, the salt breeze, and amazing friends. What else could I possibly need? I spent yesterday as Assistant Steward in the galley. I am a terrible cook, but thankfully, I didn’t burn anything! I made chocolate chip cookies for midnight snack and lasagna for dinner. With how the watch schedule worked out, I got to sleep in today. Definitely a treat. I had some coffee and read  my book in my bunk while watching the morning waves splash outside my porthole. After a few days in port, it feels so good to be out on the ocean again.

For lunch, my breakfast, we had Shepherd's Pie and I definitely ate “the tums” slice, as my dad calls it. With a full stomach, I began to get ready for watch. It was a beautiful day, my favorite weather; grey, not too cold, and a little rainy. Did I mention I’m from Seattle? I suited up in my banana suit foulies and went up to the lab to start watch.

We did not have any deployments today, so we mainly processed data from previous watches. We processed the Neuston tow, completed a 100-Count, and processed chlorophyll-A from last night’s hydrocast. Our Neuston sample was sparse, but we found an unidentifiable organism under the microscope and my friend decided to name it a ‘Katey Katey.’

While working in the lab, I was sent below to retrieve something. When I walked into the Main Saloon, everyone was there waiting with brownies and singing Happy Birthday. It was so sweet, and the brownies had Oreos in the middle! My favorite! I have always wanted a surprise party, and I couldn’t have asked for a better place to have one. It was an amazing birthday, and I feel really lucky to be here. After dinner, we made some hot chocolate and settled down to play some cards. The sleep deprivation and sugar kicked in, and we all ended laughing until we were crying about anything and everything.

The boat feels like home to me. I also feel like I have a special connection to the Seamans. I grew up in Seattle and go to school in Boston. The Seamans was built in Tacoma, south of Seattle, and many pieces of equipment throughout the boat are labeled with Seattle or Bothell, my home town. The Seamans is based in Massachusetts, my home away from home. And now, we are both here sailing around New Zealand. It feels special to know we have the same roots.

I love being on the ocean. I feel so alive. The water is so beautiful.  We have seen all the colors of the ocean; bright green calm water, rolling foamy grey, and deep navy. The sunrises and sunsets are so stunning and we have the Milky Way in between. I love working up a sweat setting sails or gybing. I am so fascinated with learning navigation and all the tools involved. I am so excited to start learning about the more intricate processes and to continue sailing for the next two weeks.

Much love to my family and friends!!

- Katey Christianson, C Watch, Boston University

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#1. Posted by Ann Christianson on March 08, 2019

Hi Katey,
It’s still your birthday here in the states so I sort of get to celebrate with you. What a great and yummy surprise to have birthay brownies with oreos - your shipmates and crew are fantastic. Happy, Happy Birthday.
With Love. Mommy

#2. Posted by Kenzie Korpi on March 09, 2019

Hi Kenzie

We are in Hunter with your Aunt Lyndie & Brady
It is 35 degrees and beautiful sunshine
Bright blue sky and really a perfect day

Just finished Anis And Kathy’s blogs
Really love keeping up with your trip
Love you so
So very proud of you
Your Grandma

#3. Posted by Jon Savage on March 15, 2019

Happiest of Birthdays Katey!  Your BU family misses you and is happy to hear that you are enjoying your adventures.  Here’s hoping that you have smooth water and a steady wind!

See you soon,




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