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June 29, 2015

SEASCape I 2015 Begins

Shoshana Moriarty, S-251, SEAScape RA

SEA Semester

The Class of SEASCape 1 2015!

Students from across the country arrived at SEA campus today to beautiful sunshine and a delicious barbecue dinner. All twenty-four kids took some time to settle into their houses, play frisbee and volleyball, and endure some ice-breaker games with Maggie and I (your very excited RA's). Stephanie and Carl, their professors of Oceanography and Maritime History and Culture, laid out the next few weeks of academic work, and now everyone is settling down to read a short excerpt of Moby Dick in preparation for tomorrow's discussions. After a long day of travel and meeting new people (and being completely shown up by Professor Carl, who rattled of everyone's name with ease), the students seem ready for their 2230 (10:30) lights out, tucked in their cozy bunks dreaming of the adventures to come in the next few weeks.

Fair winds and following seas!

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#1. Posted by bjolyle on July 03, 2015

Great photo and thanks for the posting.

10:30 lights out!  I am amazed and impressed.

Have a great time.



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