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September 07, 2016

SEA Semester Faculty Report on Sargassum Beaching Phenomenon

SEA Semester

Boats cross a mass of Sargassum seaweed that washed ashore on the southern Caribbean island of Tobago in August 2015. These beachings are familiar sights on the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico, but the events were less common in the southern Caribbean until recently. Credit: Flickr user rjsinenomine, CC BY 2.0

SEA Semester in the News
Sargassum Watch Warns of Incoming Seaweed

SEA Semester professors Deborah Goodwin, Jeffrey Schell and Amy Siuda contributed to this Eos article on efforts to track Sargassum - including by satellite and from the deck of the SSV Corwith Cramer - to better understand and mitigate the recent phenomenon of Sargassum beaching events.

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