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July 30, 2019

Scientific Illustration and Beach Sampling

Gracie McDevitt & Owen Proulx, Sacred Heart Greenwich & Harbor High

SEA Semester

Above: Gracie, Kelly and Isabelle testing their water samples; below: Cece, Bronwyn, Amelia, and Marlinee enjoying their ice cream at the beach.

After a delicious breakfast cooked by Jared, we began our day with a guest lecture with Logan Kline from NOAA about marine mammals and sound. We learned how anthropogenic noises in the ocean affect marine mammals and about Logan’s work with Passive Acoustic Monitoring to study these effects. We even got a chance to identify particular marine mammals by their sounds. Following this lecture, we took a class in scientific and natural history illustration with Victoria Smith. We were challenged to recreate images of different fish species in short amounts of time. At one point, we could not even look at our paper! Needless to say, the results were not surprising. We then put away our pencils and headed off to lunch.

After eating, we hopped in the vans and went to Trunk River Beach. We split up into our beach sampling groups and began our work. The biological oceanography group even found some eels and fish to examine. The chemical group measured the alkalinity of seawater and the human usage group finally got the chance to chat with some beachgoers about plastic on the beach. Once our work was done, we had some time to cool off in the water and relax. We returned to campus and had dinner a-la-Jared then gathered in the Madden Center to watch The Finest Hours. Tonight we are preparing for tomorrow’s trip to Chatham. We are exhausted from an amazing day on the Cape but are looking forward to more adventures to come.

- Gracie McDevitt, Sacred Heart Greenwich & Owen Proulx, Harbor High


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